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Equipment Rack Between Speakers...Good or Bad
Roxy, you have tried the rack off to the side and didn't notice much difference. I suggest you go with that as every system and room combo is different. FWIW, in my case, relocating my rack from between my speakers to the side wall made a noticeab... 
Torus power vs the competition
Dave and Troy at Audiotroy, I'm interested to know if you have now heard a Torus unit and what your impressions were. I've tried a small number of options including an Isotek power conditioner + Syncro, and so far an 'affordable' balanced mains tr... 
Contemplating DEVORE SPEAKERS (and others)....LONG audition report of many speakers
Prof, I have been following this thread with interest. I went though my own speaker journey a while back (I use tube amplification). The Devore O's were the speakers I lusted after, partly for the richness you mention. But to my surprise, I opted ... 
Tube rolling and SAC Glowmaster KT88?
Glowmaster = great sound, but reliability could be better 
Contemplating DEVORE SPEAKERS (and others)....LONG audition report of many speakers
Prof, I have just stumbled on your thread. I've really enjoyed reading it from beginning to end. I too spent well over 2 years listening and evaluating tube friendly speakers before finally making my choice. A number of speakers I listened to are ... 
Best Audio Writing of 2017?
We all have biases and preferences. I try to work out over time how a reviewers preferences and opinions sit with mine, and then I make allowances for those differences. The reveiwers I watch most closely are Michael Fremer (Stereophile), Alan Sir... 
Time for a new tube system.
My dealer has got in touch with me to say that there was a fault with the ZOTL 40 I auditioned, so take my comment above with a grain of salt. Apparently there was a problem with the mono switch causing low power output. 
Time for a new tube system.
Easy to drive 8 ohm Devores 
What is best tweeter height for the Devore O/96?
I'm another who is disappointed by sunnyjim's posts. Two observations I made after listening to a range of 'tube -friendly' speakers, at different price points, over a 2 year period... (i) you generally get what you pay for (ii) the law of diminis... 
Time for a new tube system.
I recently tried out the ZOTL 40's. I wasn't sold. 
Parallel SET with sufficient power
Wise advice from almarg and atmosphere. They are the comments I'd be taking notice of. Good luck.  
Tube Power Amp Suggestions
I am interested to see that the Linear Tube Audio ZOTL 40 got the same glowing recommendation in this thread that I've read in other Audiogon discussions. Because of forum comments and a recent review, I took an opportunity to try out this amp at ... 
Anyone heard Ubiq Model One?
Correction - the amp was an Ayon Triton III KT150 Integrated. FWIW - my over riding impression of this amp/UBIQ combo was a lack of immediacy (and I am not a detail freak). It may have been a matching issue. 
Anyone heard Ubiq Model One?
The variation in responses is intriguing. I heard these speakers via an Ayre Tube Integrated with KT-150's, run in triode mode. Perhaps there was a mismatch here that resulted in an overly soft sound (which was not apparent with the other speakers... 
$16K new/used speaker question?
I agree with KeithR's comments about the Devore X. Great speakers.