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surrender n200 vs n20
One more point. The combination of Streamer and DAC depends on what connection each is optimized for.  I’m using AES from N20 to Tambaqui.   
surrender n200 vs n20
Well, it was quite a while ago and I did not have them both in my system at the same time.   I did have a Bel Canto e.One Stream at the same time as the N200 and I actually preferred it to the N200, all else equal.  (Amazing considering the price... 
surrender n200 vs n20
@fthompson251  Oops. Thanks for the correction.   
surrender n200 vs n20
@ckr1969  I have owned the N100H, N200, N10, and N20. I decided to keep the N20. I like the N200, but like the N20 better. Not only for the streamer’s sound quality, but also for its versatility for feeding many great DACs. The N200 only has USB ... 
Vogue Audio 7N OCC silver cables
@charles1dad - I wasn’t intending to knock lower gauge power cables for audio, only intending to reinforce the caution as you already pointed out. Thanks for relating your experience. That’s what these conversations are all about!   
Vogue Audio 7N OCC silver cables
@charles1dad According to the Lavricables website, about the Grand PC: 10 cores of 5N solid silver wire AWG28 are used for Active line and 10 cores for Neutral in order to transfer AC voltage. This converts to about 18 gauge, which is not ne... 
Chord M-Scaler and Should I Want One?
I have the M-Scalar and use it with my Hugo TT2. With Chord’s included cables I didn’t really like the M-Scaler, but after adding two BNC Silver Dragon cables I noticed a significant improvement. I was using AQ Cinnamon Coax with BNC adapters each... 
Accuphase E380, optional DAC 60 card & Bluesound Node
@duketbrd88 said: Are you saying it could play from the node usb to the accuphase usb & just using the blueOS app on my phone? Right. The Node (or any streamer) is basically an audio specific computer.    If you planned to feed your DAC w... 
Accuphase dac 60
@duketbrd88  I noticed that your amp has “Individual phase setting for each input”, so you might try that to see if it helps.  Does your music source have an attenuation you’ve used in the past to equalize your PS Audio DAC to your other sources?  
Accuphase dac 60
Since Accuphase apparently designs their devices for the same voltage whether balanced or unbalanced, you might try the unbalanced output from the PS Audio DAC for closer comparison.  Are the optical and coaxial digital inputs two different sourc... 
Transients hurting my ears on hifi solid state amps
Consider a used Luxman L-550AXII. I had one for a bit, but unfortunately it was damaged in shipping. It’s sound quality is what led me to go with their L-509X. The L-550AXII idle power consumption is “only” 170 watts, which might be less than a tu... 
how much should I spend to get a better turntable than my current turntable?
Just trying to be helpful here, but I think the tonearm balancing instructions in the Fluance manual are not as clear as they could be for folks who are not already familiar with the procedure.    Step 6 is: “Set only the counterweight indicato... 
How can I add MQA decoding with my current setup?
The way MQA is set up, if you want the fully unfolded MQA data, it has to be performed by the DAC (or whatever piece of hardware has the DAC incorporated). Since your Peachtree’s internal DAC does not unfold MQA you’d need a new DAC to do this. Th... 
Suggestions for Digital Audio Recorder
@chris_g  I have a Tascam DA-3000 and it is a great unit, capable of recording up to 24/192 and DSD 5.6. Unfortunately it has now been discontinued. Grab one if you can find one!  
DAC diminishing returns
@qkroes  Thank you. That is very helpful.