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Guest suddenly takes it upon herself to move my speakers
+1 morningstaraudio 
small footprint Class A mono blocks and pre amplifier
Anyone tried an active component cooling device, like at ? 
thinking to buy Luxman M900u mono , what other similar amps should i look?
If you are thinking of getting two M900u, then you might consider a pair of B-1000f monos. Apparently has a pair new in box for heavy discount. Spec power doubles down all the way to 2000w at 1 ohm.  
Moving cables around killed dynamics for days anyone else experience this?
It is so sad that prof does not realize he sees himself as the incontrovertible authority.  
Help to pick a preamp for technic sl1210 with Ortofon nigh club s cartridge
Hi atl4love,I recommend choosing a different cartridge first. The nightclub S is a DJ stylus for “Scratch & Mix” according to Ortofon, not HiFi. For $1k you’ll have some really nice choices, even for both preamp and cartridge. Good luck and ha... 
Luxman 590axii vs Pass Labs int 60
I have the 509x now and really like it. I do not find it “analytical” in the sense it seems most people use the term in a somewhat negative connotation. It is not harsh for me, which is how I hear some amps others have described as analytical. Bas... 
Luxman 590axii vs Pass Labs int 60
audiofound, Since the dealer had the 509x, did you compare it to the Int60, and if so what did you think? 
Need Help! My Class A Amp Is Running Very Hot
@khmyjy,Is the 332 to 340 watts with the amp idle, not playing any music but powered on? That’s how I’d recommend you test it, because the power draw should be “only” 260W in that case. If 332-340 is at idle, then It seems prudent to question the ... 
LUXMAN L509X VS M700/C700U
English link: 
LUXMAN L509X VS M700/C700U
The DA-06 does not have volume control, so some sort of preamp is needed.  Since OP asked about direct comparisons between the Luxman components, OP can also check out where all the questioned components are reviewed by a group of 3 ... 
Where do I start!?!
+1dentdogAnd agree 1000% with Elizabeth. You are one blessed individual!!! 
The best looking speakers
Just on looks since I have not heard either...Totem Tribe Tower (almost disappear but interesting when seen)Tannoy Prestige Gold Reference series (old world furniture grace) 
Preamp Question
Channel Islands Audio PLC•1 MKII Remote Passive Line Controller•1-mkii-remote-passive-line-controllerVery transparent in my system, but I need more inputs and the tape loop. Good luck! 
Is it possible to have vinyl nearly noise free?
Atmasphere...Can you recommend some stand-alone phono stages that have the design features you describe? Don’t think I’m smart enough to figure that out for myself, but it would be interesting to give one a try. Thanks! 
Technics SL-23 TT opinions.. mated with Denon DL-103?
coachpoconnor...I’ve had my SL23 for 42 years and love it. Yes the speed controls need cleaning once in a while. My only mods are the 6mm thick solid rubber Technics mat (which damps the platter better than the stock one), and the Pro-Ject Clamp-I...