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Comparison of latest DAC chips
I really enjoy my Metrum Pavane. I feel it keeps me a warmAnalog turntable type sound. 
Matching Gear matter to you?
 I have a tubed preamp and solid state monoboc amps (Concert Fidelity) and different brand DAC (Metrum Pavane), server (Aurender), phono amp (Audio Research). They sound great together. In my opinion part of the fun of the hobby is to find product... 
Matching Gear matter to you?
I would suggest that the preamplifier and amplifier(s) come from the same manufacturer. In my opinion the other pieces can picked based on your preferred sound and features. Rarely will one company make all types of products that you will prefer. 
Speaker toe in
 I have an electrostatic hybrid Martin Logan summit X speakers.  My room is well actively long and narrow with the speaker sitting on the long wall in the listening position obviously being on the opposite side long wall. I have my speakers slight... 
I have enabled MQA on my W 20.    From what I am understanding above even without the  MQA module in my Metrum there Should be a sound difference between MQA files and non-MQA files  I am going to listen to several albums in each format and see if... 
Your favorite Electrostatic, Panel spkr
 I currently own Martin Logan Summit X electrostatic hybrids. I love them. The sound is incredibly full and lifelike. I am powering them with concert fidelity 200 W monobloc amplifiers.  
@david_ten Thanks for you input. I am definitely leaning towards getting the module.F/U Question:Some of the technical aspects are confusing to me.Do you think playing an MQA file from the server sounds different than a standard HIFI file even if ... 
 Thank you for the input. The system I am looking at installing the MQA module in is a very high-end system. It is very transparent.  
Brands that have the least depreciation
ARc = Audio Research Corporation 
Worth of current system
I paid approximately $85,000 - Other than my headphones most items were demo/ used/open box items. Average savings about 60%My MSRP is approximately $165,000 Turntable-clear audio innovation wood with Helius ruby tonearm Lyra Delos cartridge - $12... 
What is the best solid state amplifier you have ever heard?
I love my Concert Fidelity ZL-200 FXSuper clean and neutral 
R2R Dac choices.
Many good choices.I love my Metrum Pavane. I do play it through a tube preamp - Concert Fidelity 
Any thoughts on Sugarcube device
Thanks Bill 
Any thoughts on Sugarcube device
Jerry,i am interested in knowing whether the device degraded the sound at all. I have mostly new albums and they don’t have the issues that I understand this product is supposed to help with, but have  enough used albums that I thought could help ... 
One speaker observation from the New York Hifi show.
I have electrostatic highbred speakers (Martin-Logan Summitt X) - any  thoughts on distance from The wall behind the speakers or the side walls? And toe in?