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Please Suggest An Electronic Crossover
Xilica brand and then probably look at either the xp 4080 or the more expensive xd 4080. The XD uses fir filters but you can probably get by with the xp. Unlike a lot of x-overs these actually have good musical tone and good chip power to handle u... 
Bob Caver 275 Power Amp
I have a pair of 275's mono blocked to run just the ribbons on my Carver Amazings. With a pair of Sunfire signature amps for bass duty. They run out strong and sound very good. 
Carver Crimson 275 tube amp
I am with you I will not buy another pair of shoes unless they are self tying. 
Should I sell my Oppo 205?
oppo 103's are way different than 105 or 205's. But on 103's a lot of music stutter is a problem between the external HD's firmware. Try another HD. Or a USB stick. 
Carver, THE standard of excellence IMO
clearthink1,242 posts08-12-2019 8:03amAmplifiers designed, manufactured, and marketed by Bob Carver have started so many fires that probably the company is in a settlement agreements with insurance companies to be responsive to reports of equipmen... 
Carver 275 Crimson tube amp --- any feedback appreciated
Sorry just thought you knew something that I had not heard of. 
Carver 275 Crimson tube amp --- any feedback appreciated
Articdeth :04-18-2020 6:07pmCarver current amps are completely amazing!easy to bias, great warranty, hand wiring, no boards to flash out, and no fire hazard like sunfire, phase linear, etc. they are top tier amps made by one of audios royalty! If ... 
Sunfire Signature... what is this?
I ended up with 3 of the 600 signatures, it took some time though. I run 1 amp per Carver Amazing using Electric crossovers and keep 1 amp as a spare. 
Planar/panel speakers to replace Carver Amazings
Just go to and ask or look for Ed (username Sea) he will rebuild your ribbon better than the originals, Bob even is exited about the new kapton he had made and the recent tests comparing to original ribbons. I myself bought some ... 
Sunfire Signature... what is this?
I love my 600x2 and have been looking for another for a long time. Problem is lots of other folks want them also.