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Hegel H160 and Focal Electra 1008Be sounding bass-less
Well you need a more powerful amp! Look at a Boulder 866 and sell the Hegel.  
Speakers that are good with tubes
Devore Fidelity  Wolf von Langa WVL 12639 SON Won product of the year from absolute sound and I heard them at capital audio fest. Start saving buy them!    
Advice for bookshelf speakers
@dayglow yes I heard the PS10 mofi speaker at capital audiofest. You can beat them but you need over 10k to do that for a YG Acoustics bookshelf. They are a solid 8/10 for any price range. You need deep pockets to beat them.  
Advice for bookshelf speakers
Buy what you want beg forgiveness later from wife. Amphion argon 1 or 3. And Amphion also makes a center channel called the 5C.  Great bookshelf’s and easier to drive than proac. The new Andrew Jones Mofi speaker amazing too but is big get that!  ... 
Luxman 590AX II Break-In
My Luxman 590 took about 500 hours BUT a few tips….PLUG IT DIRECTLY INTO A WALL SOCKET! It hates any power strips or conditioners. You also need a bigger power power cable for it like a Kubla Sosna Elation! Mine was $2500 at GTT Audio.  I tried 5 ... 
Power cable dilemma
$40 is not a high end cable. Pangea uses a tiny amount of thin cheap cardas copper. It’s an in house brand from a mail catalog! It’s not even a real cable company.   
Klipsch La Scala replacement?
What amp?  get a pair of Amphion speakers they crush Klipsch and similar pricing  
Power cable dilemma
I like how he does not mention what “high end” power chord he purchased. Most older power cables are not great anymore and cable technology has made quantum leaps over the past 5 years!!! Try a  2 meter $2500 Kubala Sosna Elation!    let it WAR... 
Help recommend a good tube preamp
VuJaDe audio can build you a custom one for your system for that price range. My friend Karl Tam makes them.  
So, I listened to a $1Million Dollar System
Okay a few things…Wilson’s are not dull! The cables are the worst and Dagastino gear is more musical now and takes away some bite. The average Wilson dealer does this stupid combination and if it is an NYC dealer they will always put the speakers... 
New MOFI speaker (Andrew Jones)
I HEARD THEM AT CAF and it’s $3699 and nothing under 10 k can touch them and only a few speakers under 20k can beat them. They are completely amazing and outstanding, and they were hooking it up to mid level HiFi rose. Imagine what they can do ho... 
When someone tells you it's a $40,000 amp, does it sound better?
I know it totally sucks! Trust me I was there when I was younger and could only afford Naim gear then only Mola Mola after and it takes time to get better gear than that stuff!  
When someone tells you it's a $40,000 amp, does it sound better?
Ok First of all I have heard 100k amps, 50k amps and 40 k amps as well as stuff 300 to 16k. The best sounding gear I HAVE EVER HEARD was Pilium…you never heard of Pilium because you have not been to enough places. Audionet is also good as well a... 
Wilson tiny tots
First of all Wilson Tune Tots require more power than you think…you will need a good amp and a good DAC. Most amps with a DAC built in is trash with the exception of a Mola Mola integrated amp that has a Tambaqui DAC and that is about 24k. You ne... 
First Streamer...
Your rega DAC is junky use a streamer with a built in DAC since you spent nothing on your other homemade speakers save up $7899 get an Auralic Vega G2.1. Hire an electrician pay him to hook up ethernet there to your router through the walls. ...