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Are you using anti-skating or not
I run mine as low as possible, but I've never heard of anyone not using anti-skate force at all - in fact, I was under the impression that it was fairly impossible to do that. 
Bluebook for used records?
As for eBay values, i recommend 
Budget Cartridge: Grado Green vs Ortofon 2M Red
This thread has convinced me to get an Ortofon 2M series cart as my next audio purchase - I can't decide if I want to go save a little longer and get the blue or just go with the red for now though (I'm on a tight budget at the moment). As someone... 
Quality of New MoFi recordings
I'm personally curious about the 2xLP of Faith No More's 'Angel Dust' that MoFi recently released, mostly because it's their first step into remastering heavy metal (along with the Megadeth album they just issued). It's one of my favorite albums, ... 
Record storage?
I've had an Ikea Expedit shelf for about a year now, and I'm really happy with it. It's very sturdy if you take care while assembling it, and you could probably make it even tougher with the addition of some wood glue. 
phono stage advice please
I've been interested in the Dynavector P-75 recently, but can't seem to find much talk about it. 
GEM Dandy Record Cleaner - Has Anyone Tried It ?
Oh, I didn't know that Gerber diapers were lint-free, good to know! 
This is the way to release an album on vinyl...
I bought Yep Roc's 180g reissue of Nick Lowe's "Jesus of Cool" and it's a terrific pressing except the records are absolutely filthy - I don't own a cleaning machine, and I've spent about an hour so far trying to get this clean with various cleani... 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Nick Lowe - Jesus of Cool (new 180g reissue on Yep Roc)I had forgotten how much I love this album - it's just one incredibly catchy song after another. The new remaster is wonderfully punchy and does great service to Lowe's production, too bad my ... 
GEM Dandy Record Cleaner - Has Anyone Tried It ?
The fact that the reviewer was told to dry the records with a soft cotton cloth (as opposed to a lint-free one) is kind of suspect. 
GEM Dandy Record Cleaner - Has Anyone Tried It ?
I suppose it might just depend on how the tap water in your area is.The idea actually seems similar to a homemade cleaning machine I saw recently - it spun the disc on a rotor and dipped it into a jewelry cleaning machine. It didn't seem like a ba... 
Shelby Lynne
Well, Gary Louris and Mark Olsen have an album slated to come out sometime later this year (it's apparently been done for awhile but was held back so it wouldn't conflict with Louris' solo album), hopefully we'll at least get another Mark & Ga... 
ZYX 4D new cartridge. Best yet ?
The 4D is the same cartridge as the Atmos, just with a different name (for some reason it's sold as the 4D internationally and as the Atmos in America). The UNIverse is still the top dog of the ZYX lineup. 
Shelby Lynne
Lost Highway is a terrific label, they've focused on so-called "alt country" from the start - they're actually a subdivision of Island, but it seems like they're fairly independent. They started off with some great smaller acts like Ryan Adams and... 
Is MP3 responsible for the return of Vinyl?
Dance and hip-hop definitely kept vinyl alive during the dark ages of the (late) 80's and 90's, but today a lot of DJs are backing away from using vinyl when they perform (or whatever you want to call it), either switching to CD rigs or using comp...