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Linux Music System Help
Thanks GHD. I will take a look at that piece. I appreciate your taking the time to share your thoughts.  
I am Looking for That Elusive 3 Dimensional Room Filling Soundstage
As long as you keep the Rogue in the system, Ref 3a DeCapo should get you there. I have not tried this in a small space however. With patience, a good used pair should be had for $1500. 
R.I.P: Rest In Peace Roy Johnson, Green Mountain Audio's Genius
Very sad indeed. I always made sure I was sitting down when I called him as he was a world-class conversationalist- incredibly generous with his time. I felt his Europa Max was exceptionally coherent - quite special to be sure. Like others have sa... 
Can a power cord increase the resolution of an Class D (SMPS) amp by more than 5% ?
I became a power cord believer about 15 years ago- Synergistic Research Master Couplers impacted everything I put them on from amp, DAC, pre, even the darn digital reclocker unit. I have had fun "rolling" pc cables since (I could argue they may ma... 
Giles, Giles, & Fripp
Cheerful Insanity is both a well recorded album, and a great album. A classic. 
Best Preamp = No Preamp?
An old thread, but I wanted to "testify" as I have recently been enjoying my old Monarchy 18B DAC direct to a PSE Studio IV amp with wonderful results. Coming off of "old iron" tube integrated too, which surprised me- huge soundstage, great height... 
Power Strips - Wiremold vs.Hammond vs BPT PPC
I am only posting here because of the surprising improvement inserting a classic Wiremold L10320 between my SS amp and the wall outlet. I have a few of these units around the house that I no longer use in my audio system, and I read about Naim ess... 
Vintage Bogen Mono Blocks D070's-
I have to agree with Frankt88. I've had CJ gear, Rogue, Bruce Moore, McIntosh, Etc. and I am currently listening to a Bogen DB230 integrated and I would have to be honest and say that for the money, it's one hell of a sonic competitor. I think the... 
Does power conditioning really matter?
I have to join as someone soundly converted. I have never in 20 some years of dabbling in this hobby/obsession addressed power conditioning in my system- I of course experimented with every other element in the chain, from tube rolling, cable swap... 
Rewire to triode instructions for CJ CAV50?
Sure, just did it,instructions direct from CJ,just call and give your e-mail on their VM and you're set. Changing the "straps" was straight forward, desoldering the Caps was confusing- the top of the board is nigh impossible to get at, thus you ha... 
CJ CAV50 - triode vs ultralinear
I finally got around to converting my Cav-50 to Triode..have always been a Triode preferer, this seems to make sense, and with my newly dialed in Altec Valencias this is a good combo...I would have to guess efficient spkrs a must...as for the soun... 
need help on transparent sounding 12au7 tubes
The cleartops are exceptional- something else needs to change in your system. 
Has anyone ever cried listening to your system
Strauss; Ein Heldenleben...3/4 through the piece is the moment of euphoria...one can revel in one's system AND in the wonder of music both at the same time...well worth a good cry! 
Anyone heard Amber 70 amps as Mono pairs?
OK, it took me awhile to get to this point, but I have arrived.I am currently listening to two Amber Stereo 70 amps in mono "mode" and they are stunning. I think I know why there is little to no info on this config. because those that have tried i... 
Kimber from Monster First sound thin Now awesome
I just swapped Canare and Zu for PBJ and I'm speechless...who knew IC's could resubstantiate your whole system....well, I guess most of you did, but I didn't!