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which would you buy?
Teflonscoundrel: Double ditto on those very fine Kef Q900s. They continue giving me immense pleasure. 
Warm sounding cables - non fatiguing
For non-fatiguing sound and absence of upper end brightness you might want to try some of the less expensive cables in the Purist line. 
Canadian LP pressing, how good?
inna: I just wanted to re-emphasize, these Canadian records I’ve mentioned are/were late ’50s/very early ’60s stereo pressings, and not later than that. Good luck, and let us know. 
Canadian LP pressing, how good?
I have owned several Canadian pressings of both early Columbia and RCA classical recordings. To my ears, they all sounded quieter and more refined without any loss of the detail found in their American equivalents. Of course, others' experiences m... 
Best recording of Tchaikovsky's 5th
I would recommend a performance that's been around for a long time, and which I still consider one of the best balanced and finest played: George Szell's with the Cleveland Orchestra. 
a little dinner music
Try some of the delightful Haydn Piano Trios, particularly those recorded in the complete set by the Beaux Arts Trio. 
Brahms Quintet for Clarinet and Strings, op. 115.
Can't go wrong with the superb performance by clarinetist Karl Leister and the Leipzig String Quartet on the MD & G label. 
What is your favorite Mozart symphony?
No. 41, performed by Klemperer/Philharmonia and Szell/Cleveland, though I pefer the Piano Concertos, Clarinet Concerto, Sinfonia Concertante and a number of his chamber works over the Symphonies. My favorite Mozart piece is the String Quartet No. ... 
New format, dislike.....
I had the same problem, and had joined the same year you did. I e-mailed staff and told them about it. It was corrected. 
New format, dislike.....
The marketers can push Brussels sprouts all they want. ;-) 
New format, dislike.....
Reminds me of a good food restaurant one has enjoyed for years, then all of a sudden the preparation of the food and its flavor change. A variation on what phd says---if it tastes good, leave it alone. 
Bright & fast speaker cables with great imaging ?
Let your price range completely sail over my head. Sincere apologies. 
Bright & fast speaker cables with great imaging ?
Get the detail and clarity without the brightness...Audition the JPS Superconductor 3 speaker cable. 
Tube rolling for EAR 912
The EAR 912 uses five PCC88/7DJ8 tubes. The EAR 88PB which I happen to own uses four of the same tube type. I have tried these tubes in the following brands: Amperex, Telefunken, Ei Yugo(stock for the 88PB), Siemens, Tungsram, Tesla and Valvo. My ... 
Beautiful Classical Smaller Pieces, duo,trio,etc
Borodin String Quartet No.2Dvorak String Quartet No.12 "American"Debussy String QuartetRavel String QuartetBrahms Sextet No.2Brahms Clarinet QuintetBrahms Piano Quintet, op.34