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Dunlavy SC IV A harsh high frequency
I also owned Dunlavy SC-4s, for 18 years. Never once blew a driver. 
6922 tube selection
Try some Tesla 6922s. Nicely balanced sound, never objectionable. I use them in my CJ Classic Sixty amp. Previously had the CJ stock supplied EH, then switched to the Genalex 6922 re-issues, liked them at first, but later found them a little hyper... 
Is KEF no longer relevant?
Last year I downsized to Kef Q900 speakers, and am very happy with their sound. To me they're an audio bargain. It was my first return to Kef after having owned the 105.2 many years ago. While that speaker was a very fine one in terms of imaging, ... 
My wife also has tinnitus. For what it's worth, she uses and recommends Rutin. It does not get rid of her tinnitus, but minimizes it significantly. I have never tried it. 
I just finished reading the posts above. Seems a lot of us are in the same boat, but we're doing just fine(I'm 71). Best of luck and continued wonderful enjoyment to all, including you too, Rebbi. 
I haven't read the other posts above, but here's my two cents:A few years back I developed continuous tinnitus in both ears. I won't bore you or myself by explaining how. That doesn't matter anyway. From its inception I accepted the notion it most... 
Good 6922 tube for my CJ ET-3 SE pre-amp?
I'm surprised no one has mentioned the Genelex Gold Lion 6922 re-issue. I like it very much in my CJ Classic 60 amp. You might want to try it in your CJ pre-amp. 
What makes Telefunken tubes sound better?
Regardless of how or how well they're made, what do Telefunkens sound better than? Amperexes? Mullards? Siemenses? Brimars? Valvos? No definitive answer. 
Need "warm" interconnects advice
"... I worry and analyse less about sibilance or other untoward sounds on less pristine recordings and hopefully just enjoy the music."Congratulations! It certainly took me a long, long time to finally get away from too heavy a concern with pristi... 
Cerro vs Romex 10-2 for internal wiring
The 10-2 has three wires in it: black, white and ground. 
Are any Command label recordings worth the hunt?
Thanks, Dayglow, and I wish you the best of luck in finding other lps that will provide you with many hours of musical enjoyment! 
Are any Command label recordings worth the hunt?
The original Command lp pressings had black print over a gold field. The album jackets also had a thick dowel spine. The re-issued Commands had black print on the record label with the Command logo framed by a rainbow colored rectangle along with ... 
Raven turntable owners:oiling & what type?
Thanks Elinor. I did originally purchase new from Jeff, and previously raised the same point with him on how much oil should be used. He indicated no problem with using more oil if desired. You confirmed my experience of the very tight fit of the ... 
Best Recording of Scheherazade
The ayes have it---can't go wrong with Beecham and Reiner, but also try Stokowski/London Symphony(not his performance with the Royal Philharmonic)or Ansermet/Suisse Romande Orchestra. 
Cardas Golden Cross no longer offered by Cardas ?
Mikey, I've owned only the KCI Silkworm Plus and have never heard the original non-Plus version. I should also say when I purchased the Plus, I had John fit them with Eichmann Copper Bullet RCAs, which I have never regretted. Before doing this how...