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HiFi vs MidFi
Where you stand on this, depends upon where you sit.. Seems like a term made up for insulting others. I bet there are many so-called mid-Fi systems that some enjoy more than those who buy to impress their friends.     
Why the hate for mcintosh amps?
1) Why dont people,like mcintosh?   2) Who motivates this? 3)  so what are the alternatives??    1-  considered Too expensive by some,  They prefer a different sound 2-  You  3-  Too many to List, shop around   
Vfet / SIT Amplifiers
@kitr Pass labs keeps spare SIT output devices for warranty repairs.. being that these SITs are built to military spec and can handle extreme conditions, according to pass labs support… I doubt there will be too many issues.  
Need a DAC Recommendation.
Get the schiit Yggdrasil GS for 1600$ ..  You won’t be disappointed, but thrilled. 
What are the weak points of Pass amps and pre-amps ?
My experiences with pass labs gear has been very positive… well designed gear using quality parts , reliable and long lasting in terms of time and viability. I prefer the sound of the XA series amps for most music, leans to the right of neutral. t... 
streaming devices, which would you buy?
@don_c55 Then you are using the dac in the Computer which is crappy at best, most likely limited to 16/96 delta sigma infused with noise.. 
Schiit Audio (or other) DAC Recommendations
Another vote here for Schiit MB DAC’sI have the Yggdrasil in my main  system and the Modi MB in my office system.  
Interesting thought
One way NOT to encourage people about audio is to send them over to millercarbons house!  lighten up Francis!! 
Interesting thought
I was part of an audio club here in the Carolinas that started about 22 years ago. It’s still goes on today but founded by a different group. Most of the club members were older people who have been veteran audiophiles for many years. They had est... 
What's in your CDP tonight? the minority report
Aaron Neville - Feels Like rain… from Warm the heartI have the original CD from 91 and the Japan XRCD release..  The original 16/44 sounds best. 
MSRP, diferentiation and the illusion of value
@erik_squires Great topic…Ive spent a lot of money on audio, to learn I didn’t need to spend a lot of money ….   That and I stopped reading stereophile …Along with over 50 years of experience in trying various combinations of equipment..  I found ... 
Pimping your router
@lalitk @docknow @thynameThank you all for the responses ! I’m not quite convinced! But I appreciate the civil discussion and the chance to learn.. 
Pimping your router
@lalitk Why don’t they use ENO type filters in the DAC ? that’s my point.We know the data is there intact.. why isn’t it cleaned up by the DAC? Do the DAC manufacturers not see it as a problem ?  I’ve used other means besides USB. Coax, toslink.. ... 
Pimping your router
@lalitk Thanks for the response. That’s the typical answer I get every time yet with no real answer. If the ones and zeros are making it there in tact, then why can’t a simple filter be added in front of whatever to reduce any noise ? Why not use ... 
Pimping your router
Reading some of these posts..  you would think the Ethernet data makes it to its destination only by luck…Yet we know that the data all makes it intact and bit perfect thanks to various levels of hardware and software self checking and CRC. Yet so...