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Project Debut III vs. Music Hall MMF 5?
you are not comparing apples to apples you need to look at the pro-jec expression which is 499 vs the music hall 5. both come preloaded with a cartridge. if you do either go with the speed box for $99 also, and the tube box 2 for $349. if you have... 
Need cdp power cord recommendations.
if your considering cost then i ditto jps digital an big upgrade without breaking the bank 
Advice on Audio-Video connections on new H/T
u need to run rca cables from your cable to the back of the tv audio in then. id listen through the stereo its easier 
Best Tube CDP for $2000 Budget
i like the audio aero as well also the cary 303/300 is nice used can be had in your price. just make sure you upgrade the stock tubes retail is 4k used around 2k. audio new is 2500 used around 1200good luck 
Has iTunes, etc. impacted your listening habits?
yes thats why you need to invest in a music server such as the cambridge audio. has an audiophile cd playre uses wolfson dacs and is a great choice when you cant get you ass off the couch 
Primaluna Prologue One power tube rolling
i would not put kt 88s try the sed wing or mullards 
Recommended in-wall Speakers?
had b&w for rears in a ht theater set up. they sound very nice. 
Integrated amp and CD player for the new B&W 805S?
i have had a primaluna dialogue 2 (new model)$2500 and just got a northstar saphire $2500 killer combo. b&w are very reveiling so i like the tube int and solid state combo 
Best Cheap Speakers - New or Old
look at the eposm5 or quad11L can be found under your budget used 
Should I Brush My Cartridge After Each Use?
yes yes yes and you should make sure as above you clean the records first with a machine, good sleeves, i alsways dry brush the record and clean the stylus before i play. its a pain but it makes it better. please do not drink and clean play cds in... 
Sumiko Blackbird or Dynavector 20x for VPI?
cant speak for te dynavector but have the blackbird and love it 
Accuphase vs Marantz cdp
the new ayre evoltion 2995 retail 
Will SS mess with my tubes??
no a good phono stage will actually make it better look for one that has mm mc options. your output on your current is probably to low. enjoy 
Need help with bookshelf speaker choices. . .
under 500 try the quads or epos 
Different CD Player
your going latteral. the nmarantz is only good if you want sacd. the meridian is very good also but old. if you want just great redbook look at the consonance 2.2mk reference 2k retail get it new a little less. amazing sound with a 500 mod to the ...