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CD player reccomendations please
new raysonic, consonance opera 2.2 mk11 nice tube players 
Best bang for the buck turntable?
rega p3 300 tonearm and a dynavecter cart. theres alot more also a phono stage a cleaning machine, supplies figure another 1k at least. or music hall 7 if you want plug and play regas better however 
Can a direct CD to amp connection degrade sound?
of coarse a good preamp is better. only use direct if you have no preamp otherwise why would they make preamps??????? also volume controll on a cd player is best at full volume 
kimber 4tc shotgun, or kimber 8tc single?
only do the 4tc shotgun if your biwiring otherwise 8tc single run will sound better and you will not have a great big mess 
1K used, full range and decent looking
imho you cant beet a pair of vandersteen 2 signatures which new are around 2k or even the quad22l 1600 retail and awesome review from absolute sound. quad looks gorgeous bty