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DAC - Aqua Formula or Aqua La Scala
audiotroy - In your experience will moving to a tube pre-amp provide more benefit over losing ARC? 
Has anybody tried Qobuz Streaming service?
I am a Qobuz subscriber.  Love it.  Great music selection and sound quality.   
DAC - Aqua Formula or Aqua La Scala
audiotroy - What Tube pre-amps are you using with your 9h set-up? 
Should I buy Anthem 1120 for a 11 speaker system or Sony 5000 ES
Yes.  I felt the Anthem produced a much cleaner sound, more power, and with ARC you cannot go wrong.   
Upgrade A/V Receiver or get 5 Ch. Amp
Anthem is releasing the new version of ARC in the next few weeks (ARC Genesis).  It has been redeisgned and will run on your MacBook. 
Music server
I did a Roon trial with my Innuos Zenith.  Really liked it.  Great interface, intuitive, rich feature-set...... I decided to hold off purchasing the lifetime subscription for now and switched to iPeng.  It is not in the same category but works.  I... 
Music server
I have the Innuos Zenith MKIII.  Looked at several other bands before purchasing the Innuos, even models costing significantly more.  After a few months of ownership, I continue to be highly impressed.  It was an easy decision to go with Innuos (f... 
Should I buy Anthem 1120 for a 11 speaker system or Sony 5000 ES
Have you listened to both units side-by-side?  Even without ARC enabled you are going to get much better sound out of the Anthem 720 compared to the Sony,  Thrown in ARC and the gap is even bigger.  Anthem will give you much more headroom to work ... 
On order, new receiver
gallerybob - I have the Anthem MRX720 with a 5.1 set up.  As AudioTroy stated, ARC makes a huge difference.  You will not get that functionality from the Sony product.  In addition, the components Anthem uses, including power supply, are grades ab... 
NAS / media server / streaming newbie
Check out the Innuos Zenith MKIII.  One of the best media servers/streamers on the market.  With a 2TB SSD Drive you will be under $5k. 
Aqua Acoustics DACs
I am also looking at upgrading my DAC and seriously considering the Aqua Acoustics products.     
Cocktail Audio's New and latest X50pro Audiophile Music Streamer/server...Any Love?
I agree with ”fast”.  The Innuos Zenith III is a great machine.  Love it.  Just go Qobuz set up.  Sounds awesome.