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Need preamp recommendation
Audible illusions modulus 3B .At the price on the used market unbeatable and it come with moving coil stage if need be . 
What has been your costliest mistake in this hobby?
Lost a pair of maggies 1.6 which my cat thiught to be giant scratching post . 
Looking to improve my system
Your walking down the street and all of a sudden you hear in a house nearby music . Inmediately you know something just by hearing the music from a distance . You know that the music playing is not recorded , you know instantly that someone is pla... 
$5k Pair Full Range Speaker Shootout - Help me pick
Proac , PSB , paradigm , Spendor . They all have great speaker models at the close to 5k , especially Proac .Remember the amount of power at hand and the efficiency of the speakers vs how you hear music , low , medium or loud levels , over 90 db . 
Bose 901 Series 1 & 2 versus KEF 104/2's and 105/3's
Everything has its place I guess . 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Beatles revolver and Rubber Soul  Al Di Miola , Jean luc Ponty . 
8 track tape vs 1st press vinyl
Soundstaging of the media was outstanding ? What ? On what planet ? Earth one to Earth 2...can you ? You have got to be kidding me . 8T to me is not even a hi fi media . Since its inception it was compromised mechanically and sonically . I... 
8 track tape vs 1st press vinyl
I remember that cassettes came in different formulations in order to extend their frequency response . Plus cassette players were design in order to take advantage of this plus dolby got into it to lower signal to noise ratio with dolby b and c .  
Good entry level cables
Dnm reson IC and speaker cable . They are british so availability in the US is limited but can be found . Sonically they are so good as to warrant admission in systems into the tens of thousands . The problem they have is that they are so inexpens... 
What is the better sounding turntable: Project 1XCarbon or the Rega P3 ??
First there is a differences between turntables . The problem is you can't detach the sound of a given turntable to a particular tonearm as you can't detach the sound of a particular cartridge to the tonnearm its mounted on . In other words, its a... 
M900U vs the world
Comparing a Lux to a Emotiva ? Wow . And having a Emotiva to drive a Maggie 20.1 ? Well to each his own I guess .  
Which cartridge ?
But it seems to change the caracter of the sound as many swear by the Denon DL 103R . What does have me a bit confused is the sound caracter of my Nagaoka MP 110 . Where ever you go reviews are extremely positive but on my rig its the other way ar... 
Which cartridge ?
Your right . The Denon DL 103r does have a round stylus tip and the only difference is the high purity copper coils . Thank you for correcting me . Curious that the Nagaoka being MM should have been design around a low compliance cantilevel . I un... 
Which cartridge ?
The Denon cartridges I'm referring to are the Dl 103R and the DL 110 . None of them have a conical stylus as that would be the DL 103 which does have the lower grade conical Stylus . Both DL103R and DL 110 are moving coil designs with super polish... 
Musings from old school on High Fidelity
Its a trap I tell you ! A freaking trap ! Seriously we all at one point or another have fallen into the trap. We have a perfectly sounding HI FI system that gets our juices going and makes us bob and swive , moving our bodies to the beat . Our bud...