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Cambridge 840a v2 equivalent
Thanks for the interesting replies! Since I got the new AVR, I have been experimenting with multichannel audio via SACD (DSD direct to the receiver), and I basically came to the same conclusion. Unless I spend a lot of money getting all B&W sp... 
Marantz AV7005 or Oppo 105
Thanks for the responses so far. After more and more reading, I am really drawn to the latest Audyssey:MultEQ XT32. Most receivers/prepros seem to have XT, and only the highest-end ones have XT32. My current Marantz has plain MultEQ. I am especial... 
Marantz AV7005 or Oppo 105
Thanks everyone for the feedback so far. After doing more research on the receiver side I am thinking the biggest gain I can get is from improved room correction, namely Audyssey MultiEQ XT32, which is only available on a handful of receivers and ... 
Poor sound from rental Blu-Ray discs
I had the same experience renting 'Hunger Games' from Redbox. I wrote redbox an email complaining and they gave me coupons for two free rentals. I hope other studios don't follow Lionsgate lead. For the op, sorry I can't help more but if you could... 
Need help with Apple Airport Express
The AE is one of the harder Apple products to set up. You have to use a paper-clip to reset it, and then to configure it you have to join its own wireless network that it broadcasts. Then you can configure it using the Apple AE utility software. I... 
Airport Express clicking sound
Your computer or the AE could have been locking into a legacy and/or overloaded WIFI network.But I have the same wifi network and the same computer running Logitech Media Server.I really think something was going on with the AE, although I never t... 
Upgrade CD, New CD or Universal Player?
I second the idea of getting the Marantz out of the chain. I used a Marantz 7001 AVR as a preamp for a long time, and when I finally got a real two-channel integrated (Cambridge 850A v2) it was like someone took a blanket off my speakers. 
Airport Express clicking sound
Update: I replaced the Airport Express with a Squeezebox Touch and the problem disappeared. Clearly something was going on in the playback chain with iTunes and the Airport Express. What that something is, I don't know. Interesting to say the leas... 
30 Years of Perfect Sound?
Mapman: No hidden agenda here. I've been reading KR's site for several years for his photography reviews and when he started writing about audio I was pleased to hear his perspective. I just thought this was a well-thought out article with a lot o... 
Ready to pull the trigger on a Marantz SR7005
I bought a Marantz SR7001 from accessories4less and had no problems, including getting warranty service. 
Airport Express clicking sound
Steve,Thanks for the input. How can the DAC be clipping if when it is fed the same signal from the CD player, it doesn't clip? It only "clips" when the signal is coming from the Airport Express.Mark 
Airport Express clicking sound
I should clarify that when I tested the same tracks going directly from the iPod Touch to the Airport Express, it was still going through the wireless network, and the clicking/popping sounds were the same as when the files are fed from the laptop. 
iTunes problems 
iTunes problems
Did you keep your albums "together" when you ripped them? I use iTunes for my mostly classical collection, and when I rip the disc, I change the Album name to this:Composer, Work, Ensemble, Conductor or ArtistThis has the effect of splitting up an... 
Who is using their receiver as a preamp only?
I use a Marantz SR7001 A/V receiver as a pre. I've never owned a separate stereo pre, so I don't know what I'm missing, although I am curious about adding a Peachtree Nova.