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I lied to my wife about the price of Stax 009S headphone
My wife is going to Spain this summer, a trade for my Egglestonworks Viginti.  A good deal for all. 
Our Responsibility
Elizabeth, I generally appreciate your remarks and insight, and you're usually right.  But, there's 6 standards to meet the threshold of Fraudulent Representation, as opposed to "Puffery" and the court system takes a pretty dim view of the fraud p... 
Our Responsibility
I love music, live music in particular.  I try to get live music sound in my home system.  By and large, I have been lucky, because I trust my ears.  Speaking of snake oil...I have been stung a couple of times though, by Conrad Johnson in particul... 
Speaker recommendation thread (Organised by tiers of price)
Egglestonworks Viginti's ($39,000)Among the 3 best I have ever heard (and the other 2 were $20,000 to $50,000 more.  Without a doubt, the best I have ever owned. 
What are the advantages to a Class A amp & what are the trade offs?
Mickeyb, what is the brand of amp you are using, if you don't mind me asking? 
Which is better for sound quality?
I am glad George is part of our group. 
Buy a pair of ten year old $40,000 speakers for $4,000 or new ones at that price point?
Dave and Troy must have some $30,000 speakers that are all beat up and they are trying to get $29,995 for them as demo's.  Skip those.But, I get your point.  I have an old pair of PSB Stratus Gold i's, which cost $2,300 new about a decade ago.  To... 
I went to THE show and didn't make any friends ...
"It was like going from a room to room of hell, where you could choose to be burned, or punched, or lightly tapped on the head with a hammer."Now, this is the way Geoff would start a thread.Very nice work.  Please consider me your friend.  
Geoffkait - right???
How do I get somebody else to put my name in a headline? 
Robb Report
I think Dave and Troy should buy the new $600,000 system they heard at Axpona, then sell it used and report back to us what proceeds were left. That would be very telling about margins of many high end manufacturers and dealers alike.  Because, af... 
Who are the Kings of Audiogon?
Geoff is the funniest for sure.  I messaged him last week to vote him in.Dave and Troy are the most annoying.George and Elizabeth are really helpful and friendly. 
Any experience with Tube rolling 6922 for Conrad Johnson preamp?
The Telefunken's (6922/Ecc88) sound the best to me, followed by the Siemens 6922.  The Telefunken is from 1967; the Siemens from 1972 +/-.  They both offer far better dynamics than the OEM EH tubes. I can't figure it out--$10,000 or more for a pre... 
Why do contributors delete their own posts?
Conspiracy theories among trolls, argued about by trolls.  Spelling mistakes by trolls, corrected (in the spirit of educating) by trolls. Disappearing trolls, egged on by trolls... and yet the hobby is shrinking. Hmmm. 
Axpona reviewers perceptions and reality
Am I on auto-delete? 
Axpona reviewers perceptions and reality
I always take comments from people who are in the business of trying to sell me something with a big grain of salt.  This is particularly true when their posts are incoherent (as others have mentioned) and full of grammatical errors (like others h...