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Salk Archos speakers
Thanks for the responces. 
Recommendations for good jazz radio stations
WPFP 89.3 WWW.WPFP.ORG JAZZ,BLUES,word music, true hip hop, morning talk, world news. Part of Pacifica radio. publicly supported. no commercials. 
Mapleshade Record Coupling System.
I'm using Mapleshade coupling system and nano mounts on my Clear Audio champion two with rega arm and benz cartridge with great satisfaction. I've only tried the nano mount alone. Unable to say how the coupling system sounds alone. The combo bough... 
Preamps with two pairs of balanced outs?
Hey Sanchez, Can't find our other conversations per Promithius c-core. Mine are now burnt in and sounding just as you said they did. Did little moding by replacing the screws and nuts mounting the c-cores with brass screws and nuts and leaving the... 
Mapleshade Steamer Kit.....anyone?
I got the mapleshade steamer, thought in combination with my VPI 16.5 I'd have super clean LP's. The combination was worst. Tried them seperately, the steamer won hands down. I sold the 16.5 I can clean more than twice as many with the steamer tha... 
Review: Promitheus Audio Transformer Volume Control Ref 4 Preamplifier
Dolal; I agre with your evaluation, and I now understand why active preamps have a great influence on the sound of a system. 
TVC preamps: good or bad?
I have a tvc ref-3 that I'm very happy with, although I'm now moving to the c-core tvc with silver wiring. 
What's your profession? Age?
I'm 60. a bus mechanic at a transit authority. I've been into audio since I was 17, over the years I have aquired a 80k system. 
What have you used with MAPLESHADE platforms
I'm very satisfied with the brass footers. I use the tripple points and mega feet 
Gallo Reference 3.1 questions...
You're right Dopoque. I set three feet back from the center point of the two speakers that are ten feet apart. Thanks Dopoque!  
Gallo Reference 3.1 questions...
It does work . it's called near feild. Try it. 
Gallo Reference 3.1 questions...
I own the gallo 3.1's on mapleshade stands. driven by YBA PASSION 1000, 250 wattamp. I was using the passion 1000 pre amp. Now using Promitheus reference tvc. the Gallo requires very good electronics. palcement is critical. I don't use the sub amp... 
Mapleshade Golden Helix Vs Double Helix
I use the ebony IC. planar V speaker cables. Yet to hear anything that comes close. 
Mapleshade and others
I agree with Piedpiper. I use the Mapleshade Planar V speaker wires and Ebony interconnects. I havn't hered anything that even comes close by a very wide margin! I'm moving up to the Ebnoy speaker wires now. 
Promitheus TVC preamp
it takes 100 hours to burn in for each input and output. it put my yba passion 1000 into retirment.