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Preamp Deal of the Century
I just got the promitheus tvc reference 3 pre amp auditioned by sam in this issue of sterophile. at $780.00 shiped. this is a real giant killer. I tweaked it a little, by removing the top, and mounting it on mapleshade brass triple points. in proc... 
Promitheus TVC preamp
I agree. nick just sent me a tvc ref 3, and it's all you stated. 
Anyone else regenerating A/C?
I sold my ps audio p600. It was killed by a two hundred fourty dollar mapleshade double helix power strip. 
Washington DC
I live in Suitland, MD. This is a good idea. I too use mapleshade mikro mega wires. ebony interconects and planar v speaker wires. 
Has anyone tried out new Mapleshade speaker wires
I'm now using mapleshade's mikro mega planar v speaker wires. they are very fast, music sounds alot more live, extremly bettered bass aticulation. associated cables are mikro mega ebony interconects. 
Maple platforms
I'm having a mapleshade 24x24x4" amp stand made, to set my 143 pound yba passion 1000 power amp on, with mapleshade mega footers. I alos have their Samson II rack with 4" shelves. This is the first rack I've owned that really had an positive effec... 
Has anyone tried out new Mapleshade speaker wires
I've had the golden helix in my system for a couple of years, and found it to out perform all of my cables costing thousand of dollars more. Now I'm using thier mikro mega planar five speaker wires and ebony interconnects. The soundstaging, speed,... 
Esoteric Mods
I've talked with Doug at ram mods a few times to help me with witch esoteri. to mod. he is very knowledgable on esoteric mods. I've purchased a new DV50, that I'll be sending him for a full mod. Kenny 
Anybody have a problem buying modded units.
I'm trying to find a esoteric dv50 
Best amp for gallo ref3a speakers
the better the front end takes ref3 to even a higher level.I'm running yba passion 1000 power and pre amps.