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Considering a POSSIBLE replacement for speakers. Opinions?
@stereoisomerIf you like the Monitor Audio sound, it’s a safe bet to go with a newer/better MA speakers. Your budget can accommodate MA Silver line, but if you’re willing to buy used you can afford the MA Gold300. Above the MA Gold line is the Pla... 
Average Price Spent for Speakers
$600 Klipsch RP-600M-PB $1.5k KEF LS50 $25k Magico A5 Caveat: I’m not your typical audiophile who upgrades over a long period, I’m working on my bucket list first audiophile analog/digital system hoping to land somewhere mid-fi (for lack of a bett... 
Looking for an amp that punches way about its weight and I can grow with
+1 OdysseyAlon Wolf of Magico speakers likes and has used Odyssey amps.  Magico uses cutting edge technology and are among the best of the very best speakers available today.   
High end streamer/server profound choice
@jumia - I also came to the same conclusion to simplify rather than have all those boxes and cables.  However, I'll still get an audiophile ethernet switch for the sonic uptick.   
Mega dollar systems. 200k on up. What are their professions?
+1@oldhvymec+1@kingbarbudaWhen I first saw the title of this post I was going to ignore it because I interpreted the meaning as "they" vs the "OP" based on "$" - a case of envy.  But curiosity got the better of me.@oldhvymec reminded me to tighten... 
A phenomenal new CD transport-Pro-Ject CD Box RS2 transport
@amorstereoThanks for your post.  I’m still on the fence about adding a transport to my almost finished bucket list mid-fi analog+digital system - only need speakers and cables. 
What do $2500 speaker cables sound like?
@jumiaTo me its all sooo convuludedYes, it is, but it can be figured out with a bit of research.If you post your cable budget and/or your audio components, you’ll receive many suggestions that will help narrow your search.A good place to start und... 
Best Digital Interface
I suspect that "Best Digital Interface" and "Best Digital Performance" are apples to oranges.  While we can compare which digital interface is theoretically better, it's the execution in the component that sonically matters.  For instance, for som... 
MSRP, diferentiation and the illusion of value
@glupsonDoesn’t it seem that Tekton owners often feel someone is after them, or their speakers? What is up with that? Any mention of Tekton and it flares up.It’s probably because of many posts from particular forum member whose speaker suggestion ... 
Is $2,844 too much to pay for a fuse?
“Is $2,844 too much to pay for a fuse?”Not if the fuse is your spouse’s - self preservation often trumps the bank account  
CHALLENGE: Best speakers for playing 1812 Overture by Eric Kunzel with real CANON at 92+dB
If the OP wants to know what speaker can launch the strongest sound wave, the limit may be way beyond what is practical.  Couldn’t one just keep adding woofers to the array of speaker woofers along with adequate power to increase the speakers’ sou... 
CHALLENGE: Best speakers for playing 1812 Overture by Eric Kunzel with real CANON at 92+dB
Seems like an exercise in hearing loss.Trying to launch a massive sound wave, which can damage “expensive” speakers and audio components, seems to be the antithesis of high-end audio fidelity.   
Do you care about car audio?
I also have a Lexus with the Mark Levinson- sound only okay. Seems ML mostly known for their electronic components, not so much their speakers.  Upgrade to Morel speakers $6k Yow! 
My System's Weakest Link - What Say You...
Weakest links are your DAC and turntable.  More often than not, companies that specialize in design/manufacturing these components are better performing.  There are much better DACs in the market nowadays that would better suit the level of your s... 
Dream Speakers = landed. Now I need to feed them!
@jerkface - are you only considering tube amplifiers?