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Your last concert was to see who and when?
Oct 7-9 -- Bob Dylan, Rolling Stones, Neil Young, Paul McCartney, The Who, Roger Waters in Indio CA at Desert Trip 
Dick's / Dave's picks
DP Vol 8 Harpur College Binghamton 1970,DP Vol 12 Providence Civic Center and Boston Garden 1974Reckoning on vinyl is fantastic 
Your last concert was to see who and when?
Grateful Dead Levi Stadium Santa Clara CA June 27, 2015 
Jazz Recommendations
NewbearSorry for the MUCH delayed response. I have indeed benefited tremendously from all of the recommendations. My collection in jazz continues to expand to this day and I owe many thanks to all of you. Right about the time of my post my wife an... 
Help choosing an amp for Thiel 2.7s
My guess is that the impedance dip is in fact the culprit and must be addressed in spades. I appreciate all of your input – several good suggestions to pursue. 
Sonus Faber Amati Homage versus Vandersteen 5A
What does thiel have to do with this person's question? 
Jazz Recommendations
After a year of listening to (and buying) many of those recommended above (much thanks to all), I would like to add a couple that I did not see: Blues and the Abstract Truth and Tatum Group Masterpieces.Thanks AgainGreg 
Bass/Room probelm
One more thing. The thiels don't extend to 20hz I have an ACI Titan II subwoofer crossed at 35 hz. but the response problem occurs with or without the sub in place. 
Is there no end?
I should probably start this thread over given my original lack of information -- the cables are new (10 hours). 
Is there no end?
My system is a cary cd303, classe 6 preamp, B&K 442 amp and thiel 2.2 speakers. I appreciate all input on this. 
Is there no end?
Let me add that I prefer a warmer sound as my system is somewhat lean. 
Best CD player under 5000
I bought the cary 303 after trying the rega planet and rotel 991. The rega was a big dissapointment -- mainly in myself for getting caught up in the hype. The rotel was a pretty nice player esp. at its new list price of $1000 -- non fatiguing . Th... 
Classe preamps
I have the classe 6 preamp and think they represent great value at $1000 or less on the used market. I talked to classe about their more recent models, of the ones you mentioned they seemed to prefer the 47.5 over the 30 45 or 50. 
silver vs copper ICs
Massvm good point. I am looking for ICs between all my components. I have a Classe 6 pre, a Cary 303 CD, B&K 442 amp, and Thiel 22. I am not looking to drastically change anything about the sound. My current ICs are musical concept superconect... 
Classe CAP or NAD???
In my experience you re going to need more power (at least 250 into 4 ohms) to adequately drive the thiel 22s.