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The Smallest amp/speaker combination?
The parasound option seems to be the most intriguing as so far ---- Please note that my only source will be my PC based DVD player (SPDI/F + DVI) as well as my PC's sound card - (multiple analog/digitial outputs)I dont need a CDP or other source -... 
B K avr 307 matching speakers??
I use Sonus Faber Concerto's for the front 3 channels, and concertinos for the rear. perfect. 
Bose home theatre
to be brief...bose is crap. i dont know what your budget is and therefore cant make a reccomendation, other than DONT buy bose. 
How did U get into this expensive hobby?
My brother gave me his Linn Intek Amp, CDP and Linn Helix speakers back in 1994 when he upgraded...the rest is history. 
Best blank CD-R
I'd have to go with TDK as well, Mitsui isn't bad either. But keep in mind that you get what you pay for, especially when it comes to CDR's. The less expensive/no-name variety do not have a very long shelf life, nor are they resistant to scratches. 
ZuCable any Opinions
how about NOT advertising in here... 
B&K 307 vs. Denon 5800 Debate
BWhite, OBVIOUSLY the B&K Upgrades are hardware as well as software driven; i think every internal component can be swapped out. Therefore if 6.1, 7.1 or 8.1 channels need to be driven; the amplifier would be upgraded to accomodate. 
B&K 307 vs. Denon 5800 Debate
Bwhite, Update = Sending the unit into B&K to get the hardware current with the LATEST technology. i.e. the 202 currently does DD and DTS, I have been told the next upgrade is to add DTS-ES, DPL-2, and THX certification. This is why B&k cu... 
Best Wall-Mountable Speakers
I'd seriously consider the new Sonus Faber "Wall" model. The cabinet is about the same size as the concerto's, and they sound amazing. Definitely worth a demo, i think they can be had for $1000-1200. Good luck! 
Software for Burning CD's??
Try EAC (Exact Audio Copy) - The program makes exact duplicates, Adaptec has some issues. 
Sonus Faber vs B&W
Innovative audio in NYC has them in same demo room; the answer to your question is Sonus. 
B&K 307 vs. Denon 5800 Debate
I have a feeling that the next generation B&K unit, as well as the upgrade, will address the discrete 6th channel issue... 
B&K 307 vs. Denon 5800 Debate
I would vote for the B&K piece as well; keep in mind that as new technologies become available, B&K will offer them as an upgrade. Denon ? No way... your stuck with the 5800's features forever. 
Best Car Stereo
I'd have to agree with the MB Quart Speakers, they have a package specifically for the 911...matched up with Mcintosh power amps...sweet. 
Acceptable hiss ?
I hear it if my ear is 12 inches or closer...