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Totally overwhelmed (speakers under $5k)
I too went from review to review for speakers in by budget.  Eventually I purchased a pair and am enjoying them. However recently I watched a video on YouTube where Steve Guttenberg talks about the "type" of speakers that are available and what "t... 
Schiit Vidar Outlaw RR2160
Well I thought I would follow up.  I eventually purchased a Rogue sphinx 1, Magnepan .7s with a dc carbon turntable.  Amazing how speaker placement affects sound 
Done selling on eBay, they are demanding my social security number to sell
From another perspective, axeis1 complaining about eBay fees are like questioning the $10 sq ft rent in Los Angeles to the 75 cents sq ft rent in Clevland. LA can charge more because there are 10 million people in LA. Like it or not eBay has the t... 
Where would be a good place to buy& sell used audio equipment?
I used eBay to sell a pair of JBL L110's - you just state in your listing that it is for pickup, no delivery, and cash when picked up. That way you dont have to deal with PayPal fees but you do get the exposure of ebays reach. 
My Thoughts re: Dealers Posting on Audiogon
From a different perspective: As a car dealer if I am giving general automotive advice I do not disclose I'm a car dealer.  I want the information I share to be evaluated on its own merit and not be tainted because I am a dealer. Even in these pos... 
Not Enjoying My Turntable
Are some posts fake? I mean were they created just to get people to engage?  So that the forum appears to have value? I have seen many posts similar to this one.  OP was on Feb 22nd. Many people have taken their time to post a response and even to... 
Schiit Vidar Outlaw RR2160
A semi-low cost easy solution might be AudioQuest Dragon Fly Black at $99 
Tekton Design's new THE PERFECT SET equals "goosebumps time"
Someone a few threads back suggested flying out to Salt Lake to check Tekton speakers out. Certainly cheaper than returning them. However, I will point out that I attempted to do that last August.  Eric told me that unfortunately, he doesn't have ... 
What to do when the preamp you were ripped off on shows up online ?
eBay is one of the safest platforms to buy anywhere.  I have been selling on eBay since 1998.  And you should know that as a buyer if you don't like what you bought on eBay, within 30 days, you will get your money back regardless if the seller say... 
For those of us over 60..
My first album purchase.  Meet The MonkeesThe first time I had an epiphany listening to music.  Pink Floyd Dark Side of the MoonMy early life could be sung by Carly Simon and The Carpenters, now The Grateful Dead.  
Phono preamp vs no phono preamp
So far, based on what I'm reading, it almost falls into the category of if it ain't broke don't fix it.  I think I will use the preamp budget money and add it to the Tekton Lores that I would like to get. Thanks all 
Phono preamp vs no phono preamp
Thank you for your advice. For clarity, I have a Project DC Carbon with a stock Ortofon Red cartridge/stylus. 
Notable very small loudspeaker companies (other than Tekton!)
Joseph Audio, must be small, web site has no phone number, address or prices.  How much do they run? 
Brand new to vinyl: Help!
thyname - you are up to the task, if you read paragraph 2 from @effischer: The simplest solution is a Mobile Fidelity device called a Geo Disc; about $50 from anywhere.  It isn't the most accurate but should be sufficient for what you want to do.... 
Sister's wants music system without the hassles!
+1 Robert 53The Outlaw RR2160 apx $800 has recently received great reviews.  It is the one I am considering gettingHere is Steve Guttenberg's review:https://youtu.be/lEelX9wGTLQ