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Yggdrasil or iFi pro dac
One more thing to point out... most of us have heard about the OPPO 205 and how good it performs with a MSRP of $1200. And we must assume that Oppo is not the only Chinese company that can build quality audio products. Those Chinese built DACs ( a... 
Yggdrasil or iFi pro dac
I read some very positive reviews on a DAC (with dual ES9038Pro chips/dual toroidal transformers) from China and bought one. You can buy it on ebay (or on amazon) for $1200 - $1300 shipped. Had both the Yggsdrasil (always on) and the Chinese side ... 
Yggdrasil or iFi pro dac
I recently got rid of my Yggdrasil Analog 2 because it sounded 'lifeless'.Dull, narrow sound stage... and yes it lacks dynamics (a lot of folks get confused it for being 'analogy').  
SR UEF Blue Power cables
shkong78 ""Synergistic Blue power cables turned out to give more focus and details with fast transient than already excellent Analysis Plus. ""tomg95123 """1) Vocals and instruments spread out across a more layered and defined stage2) Not as d... 
Morrow Audio Speaker cables / high end brightness ??
"I would address the source issue before spending any time and money trying different cables. "  Absolutely. 
Are analog, non-compressed, FM stations a thing of the past?
90% of the time I enjoy listening to music from FM radio, especially two stations in southern California, virtually playing commercial free music 24 hours - FM 88.1 KJAZZ and FM 91.5 KUSC (classical music). The signal strength is excellent with... 
I need your suggestion for a Preamp.
Accuphase C-280. Sounds superb and its built quality is second to none. It will last a century without issues. 
10 year old good CD Player vs. a year old good DAC
Yes, it is. Almost 20 years old but it's still working flawlessly. Never been serviced!In fact, I have never had a chance to compare the AA DDS PRO to other transports using the same DAC. But I did compare its sound quality with some one-box CD pl... 
10 year old good CD Player vs. a year old good DAC
Thanks for the responses. I will probably get the DAC but will do more research on it before I spend money. 
Thanks for sharing all the info with us. Can you play mp3 music files on this DAC (either via a flash USB drive type-A or via Bluetooth from your smartphone)? 
Chinese fake cables How fake, how good?
A few months ago I spot someone selling a pair of fake Kimber TC8 speaker cables on Audiogon. I've been using the Kimber speaker cables for many years and I knew they were fake immediately. I asked the seller if they were authentic or fake the sel... 
Repair service in Southern California
Thanks for all the info. Having spent many frustrating months searching for the right one I ended up fixing it myself (replacing two blown resistors and adjusting the trimpot). It now works flawlessly. Hope to enjoy this wonderful Class A amp fo... 
Power cable
Try their 16mm (10 gauge) power cable.http://www.ebay.com/itm/BLE-Design-10mm-16mm-Hi-End-Platinum-Plated-Audiophile-Audio-Mains-Power-Cab... 
Placement tips for Synergistic Research HTFs
Low post-count trolls, come to save us from ourselves. Hallelujah! I can hear the temple bells chiming!@folkfreak just ignore this guy. He has 27 posts and does nothing but tell us all how gullible we are. You don’t get it, toddverrone. You’re one... 
Placement tips for Synergistic Research HTFs
The SR powercell supplied wrong kind of electricity to the FEQs.So they failed to activate the resonators. Very interesting experiment you did this morning. Thanks for sharing.