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Stand mount choice
Have you considered the Aerial Acoustics 5t ? 
Marantz 8801 no sound, worth fixing or replace.
So, did Mofi's suggestion work for you? 
Buying a pair Aerial 10T speakers in 2016....Yea or Nay???
Let's just say, with the 10t's, you won't "need" a sub. 
Best Amp for Aerial Acoustics 20T v2
I'm going to recommend the amp I own, of course, that being the Datasat RA2400. I have a complete Aerial system and the Datasat brings out the full potential of the Aerials. Expensive, but the Datasat has been my wisest purchase. 
Looking for a 7 channel power amp to replace Krell showcase 7
You said no fan, but, the one I would recommend does have a fan. However, it only runs when thermostatically required, which is not often. That amp is the Datasat RA7300. There are few 7 channel amps that will better your Krell. The ATI signature ... 
Best near wall high end speaker
Aerial Acoustics LR5's are designed for near-wall boundary placement. They require a sub, but are extremely accurate. A negative is their rather boxy/utilitarian design. A positive is that they can be found used at very attractive pricing. 
Parasound JC-1 or A31
Hi Dbphd-I suppose you realize that Pyramid in Austin,TX can repair your Proceed amps? Regardless I am curious what you end up doing.Whenever I consider selling my HPA3 I always decide to keep it. To replace it with something equal or better would... 
Will a Aerial Acoustic CC5 work w Rockport Atria
The Aerial cc5 will mate fine with your atrias. Sure, it would be best with all aerial acoustics up front, but, you will be very pleased. There are boundary compensation and treble switches on the aerial to help with matching. The center channel p... 
Father's Day For An Audiophile
Back in 1997 my wife surprised me with a brand new pioneer DV-500 DVD player. I still cherish that moment....Our first Christmas together, in 1988, she bought me a programmable universal remote from Crutchfield.The best thing is that she never que... 
Top class Home cinema system
Datasat RS20i Pre/ProBAT VK6200 amplifierAerial Acoustics LR5 speakers x 5Dual JL Audio F113 subwoofersThese are a sample of some of the best you could get for home cinema.... 
Bye-Bye Simaudio Moon Amp
No advice on a substitute, but, I may be interested in your Titan; at the right price. You can PM me.... 
ATI 2007 or ATI 1807
It depends on the efficiency of your speakers and how hard they are to drive. If your speakers are fairly easy to drive, especially in that small of a room, the 1807 will be just fine. However, if I may say so, the size of your room seems small fo... 
Proceed HPA3 vs Parasound Halo A31 for Aerials
I forgot to add the Simaudio Titan to the list of amps I am considering. 
Proceed HPA3 vs Parasound Halo A31 for Aerials
I now have the following options to replace my proceed:theta dreadnought iiiParasound halo a31Bryston 6bsstWhich would provide the best match for my aerial acoustics LR5's? 
WireWorld HDMI: Starlight 6 VS Island 6
I had the Redmere HDMI cable from my Oppo BDP103 to my Marantz 8801 pre/pro. Recently I purchased the WW Starlight 6 because I was offered a trial purchase with 30 days to return. I expected to not tell a difference and honestly felt it was a wast...