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30.7 MAGNEPAN Tour in Indy
Totally irrelevant, but nice to see people near Indy! I live in Floyd county (southern Indiana) but I’m in Indy almost weekly for work. I’ll be in Noblesville this Thursday.@noble100, your posts regarding sub-swarming have captured my curiosity la... 
Anyone listened to Aerial 9's?
Mitch2- can you tell any difference when you feed the LR5s more power? My ATI puts out 450 watts into 4 ohms;I an mainly using them for HT and am extremely happy with their performance. I just wonder what more power would do; if anything at modest... 
Anyone listened to Aerial 9's?
@mitch2what amp are you using to power your aerials? I also have LR5’s for my LCR powered by an ATI 6005 signature. 
ATI AT6007 amplifier hum
I have almost your exact system; a 7.1.4 using an ATI6005 for my fronts and sides, and an AT527 class D for my rears and atmos. I also have three dedicated 20 amp lines. I have never had any hum issues. In a previous system I had a hum that I trac... 
Monitor speakers with great dynamics ... experience need it
Since you're used to the Aerial's, why not downgrade to their smaller LR3's or model 5's ? These are previous generation models and can be found used at reasonable prices. If buying new you might consider the 5t's.Which Aerial's do you have now? 
Krell iBias or Mark Levinson 533/535H series amplifiers with Aerial Acoustics Speakers?
My Datasat amp and my ATI signature amp sound pretty much identical. They are basically the same amp except for the Datasat having a cooling fan and some additional connections to match their Pre/Pros. If looks are important the datasat wins hands... 
Krell iBias or Mark Levinson 533/535H series amplifiers with Aerial Acoustics Speakers?
I actually felt I gained a bit of dynamics and mid-bass slam going to the ATI signature. My proceed was aging though and could’ve benefitted from a cap replacement. Regardless, it gave nothing up to the proceed.The proceeds are indeed repairable. ... 
Krell iBias or Mark Levinson 533/535H series amplifiers with Aerial Acoustics Speakers?
I used a Proceed HPA3 with my Aerial LR5’s and the combination was excellent. From what I’ve been told the HPA series was basically Levinson in a different case.I now have an ATI signature that is equally as clear, open and dynamic. They really op... 
DIY Audio Rack [*fail*]
Hi Michael- Nice to see you posting here on the forums! Would brass cones help if used below electronic components to "decouple" ?David Lynch 
Should I Upgrade to Latest HDMI?
Thanks guys. I’ll probably go with the new board. I’ve been reading lately about HDMI and the differences as you move upward through the latest versions. Sounds like 2.0a should hold me for a while as it is HDR compatible. The version I have now i... 
Matching integrated amps for Aerial Acoustics 5T
Mike Kelly of Aerial is the NA distributor for Gato electronics. I would say that he would endorse a Gato integrated with the 5t's. 
What is you TIDAL setup?
I also, like Erik Squires, listen through my Oppo 103 via the Oppo media app on my ipad. I use a wireworld HDMI cable from my Oppo to my Datasat preamp; it is marketed to reduce digital jitter. I am very pleased with the sound quality. 
+1 to what Aux said 
Shipping speakers internationaly
My only advice, based on experience, is don't do it unless they are shipped in the factory box with factory packaging. 
What next?
Since it is the consensus that speakers make the biggest difference in a system, and that the center channel gets 80% of the movies' audio soundtracks, it is easy to conclude that the center channel would have the biggest impact.