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Responses from jazzforce

best sounding integrated for under 2500.00
valve audio predator w/ upgraded tubes! 
Best Integrated, period.
I don't know if it's the best, but the Valve Audio Predator with upgraded tubes is a piece of art. The remote alone is worth buying it for, (solid milled aluminum), however the music with a distinct tube mid-range and 200W to back it up is unbelie... 
Audio Refinement Complete
I have the Alpha version and it is both aesthetically beautiful & refined. Very tonally balanced! It's a highly seductive sound for jazz & movie soundtracks. Somehow, I prefer this balanced sound to 845 tubes which put out about 20 watts. ... 
Monitors that use the Dynaudio Esotar Tweeter
I'm sure you are right. You know about this than I do. The other part is more subjective... 
Monitors that use the Dynaudio Esotar Tweeter
I'm sure Dynaudio is true to their "brand"... However companies like Egglestonworks customize these drivers to fit the speakers...I can't believe the new Esotars are that much better...I'm sure the older version is 85% of the new ones, unless mayb... 
Monitors that use the Dynaudio Esotar Tweeter
I have heard the C-1s, and overall don't recall any significant improvement. Sometimes the older IS the better, which is why I referenced W.E. tubes.Mfgs are always going to "upgrade" their products for sales purposes, right? If the Extrema is a c... 
Monitors that use the Dynaudio Esotar Tweeter
I believe these are the Western Electric 300Bs of Tweeters! I doesn't get much better, testimony to Extrema and the fact a new pair of same tweeters sold for 1400. on A'gon recently- 
Monitors that use the Dynaudio Esotar Tweeter
They are AWESOME!! Both Eggestonworks & Esotar! 
theta compli as standalone cd player?
I would go with Theta Miles. It is truly outstanding. I use them with a good tube amp and Egglestons, and the contrast between tubes and the Miles is awesome! Even with solid state, I would go with this stand-alone! 
prologue 2 compared to pathos classic one II ?
I know its late but I had both and had to take my hat off to Primaluna. You just can't recreate the tube sound with a hybrid-maybe at a much higher cost level. 
Has Anyone tried the new JJ KT66 tubes
no I haven't, but I do have NOS GE KT66 in my primaluna prologue 2 that surpass any current production KT 88 or EL 34 tubes I've heard. These are a rare find, right off the shelf in some back water hi fi store. The balance and tone are the best. I... 
What is the quietest preamp you've used?
von gaylord active pre-amp on their integrated 
Success with Gaylord / Legend audio at home?
I have the Starlet amp combined with Reynaud Trentes, and for the price point, I think you cant go wrong. You can find them used for around 1500. The 6550s are replaceable with KT88s, but just stock, it sound great, tonality, detail, and 40W per c... 
SET--Cary/Sophia 300/845 bassed amps
I'm a bit late here, but have the Montana EPS w/ a Bel Canto 845 and it is superb! Especially enjoy the remote with stepped volume, and when those 845s light up, you can see the glow on the ceiling! EPS is an awesome fit, because of its efficient ... 
Opinions on Montana speakers?
I have the EPS Montanas with custom red. You can't go wrong with this speaker! It does all music right, and throws a holographic stage; best mid-range I've heard-treble and bass are also excellent.