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Why do intelligent people deny audio differences?
Highly educated neither infers common sense nor open-mindedness. 
Dartzeel or Audio Research VTM200???
Wow Mes, that's a lot of amp changes with some very top models. Out of curiousity, did you ever try the CATs? 
Soundlab speakers: Castors or Tiptoes?
Thanks guys .... I will get some aluminum tiptoes. And thank you to offer to send the placement with the A3s but I suspect I'll have to go through the same experimentation with the A1s that are a bit bigger.John 
Invert phase, ARC LS3 ?
It is inherent in their design and adding another inverting stage to bring the output to non-inverting would result in further loss and coloration. 
Who's got the best user name?
Wow, even the grand masters of audiophiles have hidden writing talents. And I thought they were simply busy cryo'ing their next batch of wall outlets. 
How do I get good sounding, clean electricity?
I would not limit to only two dedicated lines. The amplifiers, whether or not biamping for the front speakers might need 2 circuits alone. And with an HT setup, there are even more amplifiers to deal with. I would say at least two 30A circuits for... 
Invert phase, ARC LS3 ?
To my knowledge, no ARC line stages or preamps invert phase. But many CJ products do. 
Blind Power Cord Test & results
Hello,I have to believe that Albert's long-term-listening procedure is what is needed because I went back and forth last week between NBS Statement and PS Audio Statement Extreme power cords on a pair of CAT JL-3 Signature amps. There is a HUGE di... 
McCormack DNA 500
I'm always amazed at the reaction of so many people when they all shift their attention to "the-best-I-ever-heard" product reported by a reviewer or two. We all have our preferences and compromises and of course a brand or two that we have been ve... 
Hello,I used both of these a few years ago between the preamp (ARC LS5) and amp (ARC VT130) and the difference between these is dramatic. The CGC is way off neutral as it brings on an exaggerated warmth (dark sounding) that can become quite addict... 
Maggies...Measured Amp Power Requirements
Was Jvogt's improvement strictly due to the increase in power or the refinements brought on in Madrigal's amplifier design between the 27.5 and the 335? What exactly improved? .... less strain, more openness, more dynamics, etc. Details here would... 
Maggies...Measured Amp Power Requirements
Controversial indeed. Ah nuts, why didn't I think to do the same experiment with my pair of JL-3 Sigs which have been driving a pair of Maggie 3.5s until tonight when a pair of Soundlab A1s arrived. With the 3.5s sidelined I just have no desire to... 
Is there a audiophile bible?
The Harley book is a great starting point for someone brand new to this hobby. The forums here and on AudioAsylum are far more valuable to get ideas, advice and solutions to one's specific situation. 
Help. A box beats my Maggie
I think the two Phil* posts above bring some valid points here. And yes the Maggies have dynamic constraints compared to other systems but we already know this. Magnepans are owned because of their other qualities that far exceed much of the compe... 
Amp help for the Maggies?
This is one of those threads we can go over and over. The biggest problem I see with the Magnepan speakers is that they put out so much musicality for the money. But their dynamic weakness forces many of us to try and get more and more punch out o...