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New DAC or New Streamer or New Streamer/DAC
An Aries Mini is okay on sound quality but Aries Femto and other above mentioned streamers really sound clearly better.  
Here is an interesting artist that's new to me, and I wanted to share his music.
Great music. The first bars of St. James Infirmary,... beautiful!  
Streamer choices
Minidsp SHD Studio sounds great and you get Dirac room correction as a bonus.  
What equipment have you bought this year so far ?
Just received a MiniDSP SHD Studio. It's a digital I/O streamer with DIRAC room correction. I had a quality streamer but kept an eye on digital room correction for some time. This is a affordable and flexibel solution compared to buying an amp wit... 
Need DAC/Streaming Advice
The BDP-2 should be a nice streamer. It should be more than quick enough. I would try different sofware before buying an other streamer. Serious music server software on a NAS might do the trick. I'm using Minimstreamer. It's very responsive. Othe... 
want to ditch my Brooklyn to streamer..thoughts?
See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CcpN_lEOrI4 
want to ditch my Brooklyn to streamer..thoughts?
If you use a great dac like the Brooklyn you should also use a great streamer in between computer and dac. Like ultraRendu or Sotm-sms200 ultra. Or you could give Uptone IsoRegen a try. To my experience a streamer is as important to sound quality ... 
Does a streamer do anything to the data that Tidal provides?
I was thinking the same way and for years I was happy with a Pioneer N-30 streamer and the nice Metrum Octave dac. Than I decided to give Aries Mini a try. It really made a big difference. In my system soundstage and seperation improved a lot. In ... 
What is your favorite budget audio component?
Sonore ultraRendu network streamer is my favorite budget audio component.I'm 99% into digital audio for almost 10 years now. Started with iTunes and Airport Express. Upgraded my amplifier and used several dacs. Sonneteer Alabaster with Metrum Octa... 
Opening a can of worms
I agree with cables being of lesser influence. I thought the same about streaming devices. They are just an inbetween between network and dac. This thought has been proven all wrong. I have experienced that the quality of network streamers matters... 
Job Integrated Amp.
Greetings, please do post a pic soon. Maybe this is a change that is easy to diy... 
Job Integrated Amp.
@ DogmcdHello, I own an "old" INTegrated. Very happy with it. I'm very interested in pictures of the inards of the new INTegrated. To see if the change of the analog input is appearend.The inside of my INTegrated: https://goo.gl/photos/FBCwUph3wWS... 
Which server / renderer to buy?
+1 for  microRendu +LPS-1  
Blue sound Node 2 vs Lumin D1
Streamers do have a very noticible impact on sound quality. Upgrading from the old Pioneer N-30 streamer to Aries Mini with SBooster power supply did make a big difference. Since I can pinpoint instruments much better. I’ve upgraded again to Sonor... 
Job Integrated Amp.
Thanks for your response. I'll look them up.Got a DIY Teflon tubed twisted powercord from a friend. Is does have a positive effect. Next comes a LPS-1 power supply for microRendu.