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Turntable adjustment
🤣🤣🤣🤣 Thank you for your genuine concern of my audio spending choices.  
Turntable adjustment
Millercarbon, given the fact that the turntable didn't cost me a dime, the money I spent on the cartridge was well worth it. 
Turntable adjustment
I have the manual. Thanks! 
Turntable adjustment
Cleeds, thanks for the advice. Based on your questions, I went back and adjusted it from the fixed 1.25 to 1.5, and bingo, the stylus landed correctly and smoothly on the record. But I will look into that VTF scale for the future. Thanks to all wh... 
Turntable adjustment
I'm using what's on the arm. 
Turntable adjustment
The arm does not provide for any sort of balancing of weight. It does however, have an adjustment for VTF, which I checked. 
Turntable adjustment
Mijostyn, I will try that, thanks a lot. 
Alon/Nola sound
Embee2, sorry but I am now just seeing your question. My speakers are tipped back just slightly more than the standard and they sound very good. 
What's the better buy for a phono preamp?
Thanks for the responses. I was just given an old technics turntable that I'm setting up for not a whole lot of money. Doesn't make sense to me to purchase a cartridge or phono preamp that costs more than the TT itself. So the best bang for as lit... 
Emotiva equipmet, how good is it?
Since about 2010, I've owned various pieces of Emotiva gear. Overall,  they represent great value. In my opinion,  the Amps are best suited for home theater, as I have no desire to upgrade my amps due the sheer power and bass presence they present... 
Nola Viper Owners, Lend Me Your Amps
Its been 4 years since I started this thread. Im updating to inform that I have a de Havilland Ultraverve 3 pre and McIntosh mc7150, good for 150 watts per channel. I can honestly say that this is the best that I've heard mysystem. I wont be cchan... 
Best preamp 2k or under, new or used
The following preamp suggestions are all at used prices under $2,000:CJ et-3Manley Shrimp (as previously suggested)Doge 8 (As previously suggested)deHavilland UltraverveAudible Illusions Modulus 3Mapletree - (both models)Pass Aleph PGood luck 
Parasound Z DAC
B_Limo, thanks for the response. That helps a great deal. 
MHDT Havana and Eastern Electric Minimax
Thanks for the informative responses. Mrtennis, would you say the bass with the minimax had more impact, or was it just more detailed? Did you do any tube rolling with the minimax? 
Alon/Nola sound
I haven't posted in this thread for quite some time. I just need to let it be known that I have installed outriggers on the front of each speaker, and have tilted the speaker back slightly. Improvements were heard immediately. Soundstage and imagi...