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Analog vs digital?
The Linn LP 12 is still one of the best turntables on the market. You might want to try the wyred for sound 10th anniversary dac, it's the most analog sounding dac that I've ever had in my system. 
What is the best audiophile speaker for a tiny square room?
I'd go one step further and get speakers with an AMT tweeter. I really like the new monitor audio gold generation 5 speakers or the Platinum generation 2 very natural warm detailed sound. 
Is it my amp or my speakers?
I think it could be your speaker wires and interconnects. If you go to OCC single Crystal copper you will hear a big difference. Cuz all your other equipment looks pretty good. 
The cost of LP's and CD's - an observation
If CDs are recorded in 24/96 or higher. And you have a very high quality dac it'll sound as good as vinyl or better. 
New speakers. New room.
You really need to learn how to set up speakers that chair by the left one that's ruining everything. Maybe you should go to the Cardas site and get some education. 
Looking for a vinylesk sounding DAC
Listen to the wyred for sound 10th anniversary dac,it's the warmest most analog sounding that I've ever had in my system and heard. I put it up against the Sim audio $15,000 dac and it left the Sim audio in the dust it was so much better in every ... 
How Harmonic Technology has fallen.........
The company is run now by Jim Wang's niece and I believe the quality has gone down the connectors on is good they're using neotech connectors instead of foretech and they don't even put a woven jacket on the outside anymore like they used to. Acou... 
$10K Budget for Speakers: Martin Logan Masterpiece vs Tannoy
You should listen to the monitor audio gold 300 generation 5 and the Platinum 200 generation 2 that AMT Tweeter is so incredible very natural. 
Speaker Positioning
If you go to the Cardas site it will show you the Golden rule how to set up speakers that will work in any room. If you use the formula it will give you the exact spot from the back wall and the side walls where to put the speaker and I've used it... 
Warm romantic & detailed
Go listen to the new monitor audio gold 200 and 300 that AMT Tweeter is so warm and accurate and the bass is so fast detailed and articulate. 
Monitor Audio Platnium II
Yes they are much better than the B&W D3. I purchased the Platinum 200 g2 after having the gold 300 g5 in my home. The g5 were amazing I was not prepared for them to have not much of an improvement over the 300 g4. They are about 80% as good a... 
New system, large room, low listening level
The monitor audio platinum and Gold series are excellent sounding speakers very natural and warm and there a British brand. 
smaller speakers for critical listening?
The monitor audio platinum 100 generation 2 are beautiful sounding very warm and natural 
Used Speaker in the 15k range
You can get the monitor audio Platinum 300 brand new for 15,000 list. And it's much better than any of the speakers on your list. 
High end stereo preamps? Worth it?
There isn't a preamp that's built into a dac that's even close to a good high-end preamp. I have a SIM audio p8 and I haven't heard any preamp built into a dac that comes close. But then how can you compare the preamp inside the dac to a $15,000 p...