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Power Conditioner: Isotek, Audioquest or other?
@coto37I have tried both brands Isotek and AQ Niagara.  Both did a good job of producing good sound from the equipment, but I will choose AQ because of better built quality. The Isotek has flimsy panels, and the paintwork is average.  I have more ... 
Cartridges: Kuzma CAR or Lyra on a 4-Point (11") arm
@doverThank you for reporting back and your detailed comparison has been very helpful.- bit like a Benley Turbo vs a Ferrari.That sort of nail it on what I want. If I had just compared a Lyra to CAR50 as titled, I would have said the Lyra is a Fer... 
anyone compared Stillpoints and Artesania racks?
After all these years, what is your view now of the Artesania Exoteryc racks? Are they good? Thank you 
Cartridges: Kuzma CAR or Lyra on a 4-Point (11") arm
Thank you all for the comments, and especially to @jcarr  for the explanation on how the Lyra could have been damaged.  Much appreciated! 
Cartridges: Kuzma CAR or Lyra on a 4-Point (11") arm
Thanks to everyone for helping me to clarify my own thoughts. At this stage, I will most probably continue heading down the Kuzma path than toward the Lyra path. However, saying that, I would like to check out the Dynavector too...I have heard Ben... 
Cartridges: Kuzma CAR or Lyra on a 4-Point (11") arm
@rossb I found the Lyra nice but a bit too lean slightly soft. Other Lyras such as the Delos or Kleos are more dynamic but even leaner.I understand this because I felt so, too. The CAR 40 was good but a little dull.That's why I wonder if moving u... 
Cartridges: Kuzma CAR or Lyra on a 4-Point (11") arm
Hi dover,I will be looking forward to your CAR-50 comments! ;-)Hi rossb,That's an interesting choice. What is it that you prefer the Dynavector?  Just to get a rough idea.Thanks 
A New Ground -- Benefits of introducing the Synergistic Research Active Ground Block SE
Also NEVER plug an Active Ground Block into anything but the wall. Repeat NEVER EVER plug the Active Ground Bock into anything but the wall. Do NOT plug it into a line conditioner or anything but a wall outlet otherwise you will introduce impeda... 
Harbeth Super HL5 Plus speakers & integrated amp pairing recommendations
What is the best solid state amplifier you have ever heard?
Help me with the name of a Dutch speakers company.
Dutch & Dutch? ;-) 
Rockport Avior 2 vs Wilson Sasha DAW
Sasha DAW.Because it makes me want to listen to music... ;-) 
Rockport Avior 2 vs Wilson Sasha DAW
Just my view from the other side of Planet Earth...Not impressed with Avior2.-slow-ish-dim, despite what people say about Berrylium. It is very different from a FOCAL berrylium which swings toward "aggression".-shut in-loose bass-"uninterested" - ... 
What are the top 3 dream speakers you wanna buy next regardless of price?
In my dreams...  1) Living Voice Vox Olympian  2) Burmester BC350  3) Wilson Benesch Eminence  4) Lansche No.8.2 
Audioquest Niagara 5000 or 7000
Welcome to the club! I love my Niagara 7000.