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AMR new product - PH-77 phono stage
PH-77 vs ARC Reference 2 phono will be a great dog fight. 
Looking for input on record clamps.
Hi SteveI have the Shun Mook Clamp on my VPI Aries3 for over a year now. The sound came alive, smooth and rounded compares to previous BDR clamp. However if you want to experience before you invest the money, I would suggest you can try the Mpingo... 
Looking for input on record clamps.
Hi SiddhI definitely will go for Shun Mook, I borrowed one from my friend, and immediately contacted Shun Mook and ordered one for myself after 10 mins of music. I also had couple hours of experience with the Harmonix clamp, not my cup of tea, too... 
Cardas ICs are too warm for Tube amp
No problem for me, I am using Cardas Clear 2m RCA for my CJ Act2 + Lp140. Excellent result, never dark or slow, very dynamice, great body with air and most important, very muscial. 
VPI turnover
you are absolutely correct, that's what happening to me, sometime when I put on or leave up the LP and hit the spindle, all the lights on my CJ will light up and if I tried to use the remote to mute it, the loud POP sound will come out. What is th... 
VPI turnover
It happened after I installed the CJ pre-amp, and it was after X'mas, maybe the dry and colder weather. But it is never happening before with the Manley Steelhead. 
Review: Aria WV5 XL (Line Stage only) Tube preamp
Thanks John, looking forward to reading your next report on the MC stage.Gerbie 
Review: Aria WV5 XL (Line Stage only) Tube preamp
Hello JohnThanks for your excellent write-up on the line stage review, now any update on the phono session?Gerbie 
Shelter 7000 load capacitance
thanks alot, I will check it up, appreciated