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Spanish Guitar
I was just on the Narada label site looking for something else and they have quite a few Flamenco collections...with Jesse Cook & many others. 
Blues/Jazz Clubs in Chicago
If your heading to the windy city then don't miss Buddy Guy. Hopefully he isn't on the road when you're visiting. Seeing Buddy Guy is worth the trip to Chicago on its own let alone any other reason you have. He's a consummate showman. I recently s... 
I'm a little stumped
You folks are being very helpful & I appreciate it very much. Once upon a time I was reasonably fluent in things audio..then life happened and now it's 25 years later.Sean,Trading variables is an accurate thought & very true. I enjoy boati... 
I'm a little stumped
Thanks for all your thoughts. This is my first post here and I hoping I wouldn't get "...are you nuts man? have you no ears?!" I've been out of the audiophile game for many years & was all pumped up to dive back in....seems I did a face-plant ...