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Will a DVD player work with a computer monitor?
Parts express has a rca to s video adapter for five bucks. Make sure you get the female s video end so that it will go directly to the monitor. 
How to keep housemates from using your rig?
I saw Red Green do that once. 
neutrik connectors ?
Neutrik makes a speaker connector called "speakon" primarily for pro-audio use. Check out for the options. 
Wanna help with my room?
Hi, when you have decided on the room dimensions take some time to model it--ie. the furniture placement, floor, ceiling and wall covering choices--with speaker/room modeling software. I used a Cara 2.1 program and achieved excellent results. I ch... 
Does Krell Kav 250 & 300 cd players play cdr&cdrw
I own a Krell 300cd. It plays all cdr and cdrw perfectly. (Imation, Sony, Memorex, Ritek, Hival, and something that starts with a K-??) In all AB comparisons with the originals including HDCD from RR none of my seven listeners could tell a differe... 
favorite TCHAIKOVSKY Piano Concerto No.1
If you enjoyed that, have a listen to her performance of Tchaikovsky piano trio (Deutsche Grammophon 459 326-2). I picked up this copy less than a year ago...I'm sure it's still available. 
Best Cheap, Small, High Sensitivity Speakers
If your on a budget have a look at the JBL s38 (around $200) Stereophile did a review last summer and a component list recommendation this fall. What type of music do will you primarily listen to by the way?? 
music for a broken heart
A few classics come to mind when I think of good reasons a youg lady can't move to be with her chump:)Wanderer Fantasy, Nutcracker, Erection Symphony (Mahler), Conning Little Vixen (Janacek), Infidelio (Beethoven), Soundtrack from The Two Faces of... 
Is the Adcom GTP-750 any good?
Both the GTP-750 and the GTP-760 (and other adcom stuff)have been selling on Ubid for $220-$400 for a while now. cheers 
Whoopie John, The gold setSlim Whitman, Unplugged in El PasoPatricia Barber, Rythmic white boyz (limited edition)Bee Gees, Whitewalls for DaddyDollie Parton and Cathy Lee's Christmas Album (1988 version)Diana Krall, first date at 28, and cool whit... 
Bookshelf sized-cost no object
Which amp are you using, and which type if music do you listen to mostly? 
Recommended Classical CD
Copied from the grammophone site,"Wagner Der Ring des Nibelungen – orchestral highlights. Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra / Lorin Maazel. Telarc (CD) CD80154 (70 minutes: DDD).................. The title of this CD is "The Ring Without Words" and ... 
Recommended Classical CD
Either of the caprices--Spanish (Korsakov) or Italian (Tchaikovsky), are good picks. My first choice however is "The Ring Without Words" from the Wagner ring cycle. The percussion moves towards you in the third or fourth track if I remember correc... 
My CD player won't read CDR or CDRW
That's odd, my Krell 300cd--hich is very similar to the 250cd--reads both cd and cdrw without a problem. Might be the way you're closing the cd's when you burn them... 
Haydn Joseph Franz
Three J. Haydn's you won't go wrong with include:NADIA RESEINBERG--THE ACCLAIMED HAYDN RECORDINGSSonata No. 13 in G Hob. XVI:6; Fantasia (Capriccio) in C Hob. XVII:4; Sonata No. 62 in E-flat Hob.XVI:52; Tema con Variazoni in C Hob. XVII:5; Sonata ...