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Are audiophiles still out of their minds?
I guess we're at least at our mid 30's or even 40's now. Whenever you have the money, just buy whatever that makes you happy. Life is really short to spend on grumbling why people do what they do. Before we need hearing aid, satisfy our ears with ... 
Lampizator Golden Gate Balance With PCM chip-less discrete resistor ladder type
Hi Wisnon, what is the recent update of the R2R? Kindly shed some light here. :) 
Lampizator Golden Gate Balance With PCM chip-less discrete resistor ladder type
Thanks for your feedback wisnon. I read many of your comments on several topics and they're very informative and objective. I am wondering about the additional cost of Euro 1500 for that particular option. Is it worth it?The MQA is now making a bu... 
Has there been any inexpensive item that enhanced your system's sound?
Well I will say, room acoustics. You'll be surprised to realize how good the improvement without changing any gears. Of course, the position of speakers plays a big part as well. :) 
What's the most overrated or overpriced piece of equipment you own, have owned or come by?
I have Aesthetix Callisto Eclipse with dual PS and remote control, total retail is USD 24K. I have never regretted purchasing it. :) 
Long XLR Interconnect Cables
Thanks Al for your valuable input. Really great to have someone knowledgable around. 
recommend a NAS?
I use QNAP..running 7x24 without any issue. There's a lot of models to choose from. 
Auralic Aries users
I have been using Auralic Aries since March 2015. Initially, I had to struggle to get it worked. I have been consulting with Auralic team which I find very responsive and great attitude.For the best sounding, I strongly suggest other users to use ... 
Long XLR Interconnect Cables
I am using Aesthetix Eclipse preamp with dual PS and Aesthetix Atlas Monoblok Signature. The cable is Mogami 3173 gold. It's what they called audiophile itch so I am thinking if it would improve the SQ IF I use a more expensive XLR long interconne... 
Aesthetix Atlas question
Just happened last night. The preamp was muted and On for about 15 minutes before I started turning ON the Atlas. After about 10 minutes later, the left speaker suddenly produced an explosion sound. I rushed to turn off the Atlas. No smell. After ... 
Aesthetix Atlas tube rolling
I did. I replaced the standard EH 6SN7 with NOS RCA 5692 red base. Amazing result. Now waiting for my Tung Sol 6SN7 to arrive. I will then try to see which is better.