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Coda Audio Video based in San Francisco is running a fraudulent operation
Legal action is the only thing you can use for this case. As long as you keep all the email communication, proof of transfer, etc. You got a case. 
help me with a DAC decision please
I used to own PS Audio Directstream. I think it would be a good choice, too. 
Need Small Bookshelf Speakers With a Big Sound
If you can stretch more, Franco Serblin Accordo or Raidho D1. If not, Sonus Faber Toy Monitor. Small, heavy, good mid and look awesome. 
My most remarkable service experience ever.
I sold my DS last month after purchasing Lampizator Golden Gate Balanced. Well, I should say, one of their dealer in UK, Mark Coles of Sablon Audio, is a great man with great customer service. He provided all information clearly before I decided t... 
The most transparent speaker cable
Sablon cables Panatela Reserva has all those points checked. You gotta to listen to it.  
Turntable Recommendation 15K budget Avid Acutus, Brinkmann, Oracle, Nottingham,,
Kronos Sparta? I think that worth considering. 
Mark of a scammer...learn not to burn.
OMG..I have just sold a pair of interconnect to a vietnamese and shipping to US address. Bracing for further impact now. :( 
Equipment Rack
I love Massif Audio Design racks. I think they make very exotic and high quality wooden racks. :) 
Individual International Seller Scam
I clicked on that link and reported it as fraud. Hope it will stop other victims from falling into his trap. 
HESITANT with NEW member sellers
Looks like I would be an easy target then. Every time I make payment via paypal charged to my credit card, there will be a short message from credit card provider notifying certain transaction occured. If I don't recognize it, I will have to respo... 
Are audiophiles still out of their minds?
I guess we're at least at our mid 30's or even 40's now. Whenever you have the money, just buy whatever that makes you happy. Life is really short to spend on grumbling why people do what they do. Before we need hearing aid, satisfy our ears with ... 
Lampizator Golden Gate Balance With PCM chip-less discrete resistor ladder type
Hi Wisnon, what is the recent update of the R2R? Kindly shed some light here. :) 
Lampizator Golden Gate Balance With PCM chip-less discrete resistor ladder type
Thanks for your feedback wisnon. I read many of your comments on several topics and they're very informative and objective. I am wondering about the additional cost of Euro 1500 for that particular option. Is it worth it?The MQA is now making a bu... 
Has there been any inexpensive item that enhanced your system's sound?
Well I will say, room acoustics. You'll be surprised to realize how good the improvement without changing any gears. Of course, the position of speakers plays a big part as well. :) 
What's the most overrated or overpriced piece of equipment you own, have owned or come by?
I have Aesthetix Callisto Eclipse with dual PS and remote control, total retail is USD 24K. I have never regretted purchasing it. :)