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Review: Antique Sound Labs MG SPM8 Tube amp
I have a pair of the little brother to this amp, the MG SPM6, driving Omega Super 3v2 single-driver speakers augmented with Tannoy ST1 super-tweeters. The soundstage is as wide as required by the recording but quite deep; the bass I get is also am... 
Anybody own Audio Experience Symphonies?
I bought a Symphonies+R about 2 1/2 years ago & tried it very briefly. The try-out was brief because the unit seems to be extremely susceptible to RFI & my place in Seattle is RFI Hell. Also, I suspect a lack of synergy between my power am... 
Whoops! I _meant_ "Good guess! In fact the circuit diagram on the MG-SPM8 page is labeled MG-SPM6!" BTW, I have these hooked up to a pair of Omega Super 3's right now & the sound is simply lovely... 
Good guess! In fact the circuit diagram on the MG-SPM8 page is labeled MG-SPM8! 
Dared SL2000a Preamp - What tubes you using?
I'm using a pair of NOS Mullard CV4024s with a cryo'd Visseaux 5Y3G from Tube World. I've tried a Sylvania 5Y3GTA & a Bendix 6106 & the Visseaux is best so far. 
Best bang-for-buck purchase you have made?
3-way tie, I think: 1) Dared SL1200A preamp (w/Mullard CV4024s & a Bendix 6106 rectifier), replaced a Sonic Frontiers SFL-12) KAB/Technics SL1200MK2 turntable that absolutely wiped the floor with my Michell TechnoDec/Audionote combo3) $50 Chin... 
Reference Audio Mod Oppo 970 – How good is it ?
I bought a 970 here on Audiogon 3 months ago w/all the RAM mods except the separate power supply for the clock. It is far and away the best SACD player I've ever heard. It's _so_ much better than my 9000ES it's not even a competition. Seriously. 
The best CD Player for the money
I haven't actually listened to any CDs on it, but the RAM-modded Oppo is the finest SACD I've ever heard. I admit that I've not been exposed to the ultra high-end (EMM, Esoteric, Meridian seperates), but Ihave spent time with the upper echelon Son... 
Review: Silent Audio Apollo-A & Apollo-C Interconnect
I've had a pair of the original cotton-insulated Apollo-A in my system for about 2 1/2 years now. It sits between my Bel Canto DAC & Sonic Frontiers SFL-1 & it's not going anywhere :-). I think I've probably replaced every other cable in t... 
Any experience with Opera Callas monitors?
Good idea, except it's "amp" (MF a3cr) not "amps". I suppose that I could get some serious channel seperation with a chain saw ;-). 
Audio Symphonies pre owners, tube questions
BTW, I took the tube shields off & installed UltraSonic HAL-O tube dampers... 
Audio Symphonies pre owners, tube questions
I'm running 5751s in my Symphonies Plus: a Sylvania JHS Gold in the first gain stage & a matched pair of RCA black plates in the second; also have a GEC CV4005 as a rectifier. It's truly wonderful, clearly superior to my modded Acurus RL-11 in... 
Yamaha C-70 preamp - What is "Direct Phono"?
So, how is the phono section? Any good? 
Opinions on Wireworld and Acoustic Zen digital
I remember the paper about the 1.5 meter thing; I seem to remember that the result was that 1 m. was suboptimal, not that 1.5 was optimal. 1.5 m. was better than 1, but (this was a while ago) I think I ran the numbers on .5 m & they came out b... 
Kenwood/Trio L05-M grounding
Corby, what kind of wire/connectors did you use for your upgrade? Did you install an IEC or hardwire? How did it work out, sound-wise? Inquiring minds want to know ;-)