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Jim Campbell (the turntable restorer)
Do You Tell Others How Much You Have Invested in Your System?
Hell no. If my wife found out, she'd kill me!  
Need suggestions: High pitched female singers
Britney Spears & Ariana Grande  
Has something happened to the Whatsthebest audio forum?
I just connected to it with no issues using Mozilla (Firefox). For the fun of it I'd try deleting all your browser history and cookies I'd also check for a browser update  
Ridiculous sale
Yeah nobody likes being on the wrong side of supply and demand, basically because they wish they were on the right side...  
New Analog Technology???
a better mousetrap - who hoo!  
Audiophiles on Audiogon.
Gotta hand it to Jack, he caught a lot of fish with that troll bait...  
recommended speaker cables and interconnects
I would start with a inexpensive quality cable from a respectable manufacture to use as your base line. A great candidate would be the 12ga Mogami 3103 You never know - you might decide your money is better spent on something else  
Can a great system make a mediocre recording sound good?
It might make it better, but probably won't make it good...  
Denver and Front Range furniture maker -- just did my audio rack!
My side of town... Might have to check them out - thanks for posting!  
Tubes for VTL 6.5Series II Preamp
With the VTL 7.5  the chrome plated Mazda (or Philips) E82CC that are made in France sounds insanely good. Only issue is they're pretty rare and expensive.  
Paypal Changes for 2022
Does anyone have a link to these new limits? PP says it's still the 20,000/200 in a calendar year and they reference IRS IRC Section 6050W. Heres the link: https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-utl/irdm_section_6050w_faqs_7_23_11.pdf IRC Section 6050W says... 
Not Sure If This Is OK Here, But Here Goes
Normally a foreign buyer would have an intermediary in the U.S. buy the item for them and then ship it to them. The intermediary in Miami is the one who should be buying your item with their PayPal account and address.  
Turntable versus tonearm versus cartridge: which is MOST important?
According to Peter Ledermann of Sound-Smith, the cartridge does more heavy lifting than either tonearm or turntable 
Have you heard darTZeel Amplifiers
Yes I would buy the Dartzeel all over again in a heartbeat. To me the Dartzeel is the whole package. Only real amplifier history I have is with the old Yamaha VFET amps, B-1 & B-2 and I'm moving on from those.You can contact the founder of Dar...