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Sound variability in mid-day = differential noise?
Tweaks to Add A Little Treble Emphasis...
I would try some Black Diamond Racing Cones. 
Music Room vs. Home Theater Design Question?
I think HT room acoustics typically have more room treatments in general. They tend to be designed to be more dampened and less lively sounding. 
What is Musicality?
Isn't it Pace, rhythm, and timing? I'll add tonality to that. 
Dynavector 17D3 hitting clamp on VPI Scout
I have a VPI "Classic" and experienced the same problem as the OP. I have a TTW lightweight stainless center weight, a TTW copper peripheral ring, and I have an Ortofon A90 cartridge mounted. I also have a Boston Audio Design mat. In my case it wa... 
VPI Enthusiasts: Going Backwards?
Consider the VPI "Classic" 
Room Setup Question
I would think about putting the system on the short wall. You will still be a able to get your speakers far enough apart from one another, but at the same time you will have more breathing room with the space behind your listening position. 
Stylus lowering
If you use your stylus cover your weight measurement will be off. 
What's your favorite lyric from a song?
"Doesn't mean that much to me to mean that much to you" 
Live room issues
Live is a good thing. Just as long as you got your first reflection points covered you may be just fine. 
Advise please - Pre and SS AMP for Dynaudio C4's
I heard the C-4's with the Audio Research Ref 3 and AR mono tube amps in a dedicated well designed soundroom and it sounded awesome. I used to own the C-2's 
Do better ingredients make a better Ground Wire?
I agree with the OP in that I have experimented with different types of wire that attach to my two grounding rods outside of my house. I have a dedicated isolated ground for my system. Grounding is a very tricky subject and changes in the gauge of... 
VPI Classic or Notthingham Hyperspace?
Hi, I just got the new Classic and really, really like it a lot. I bought the Ortofon A90 cartridge along with it, and the combo is better than any other analog setup I have had. 
what type of sand to use?
I am pretty sure you should use play sand. 
Cable lifters/towers- voodoo or the real thing?
You can try using empty CD jewel cases and see/hear what you think. I ended up getting the ones Shunyata makes for their aesthetics and because they help absorb vibration. I think the effectiveness of these "devices" (as Frank Zappa would say) dep...