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Core Audio Technology's "Kratos" - a digital amp
I can't comment on the digital amp but I have been a customer of Core Audio Technologies for several years (I have the Mac Mini external power supply) and Ryan is always eager to please. He is very creative and has the technical abilities to make ... 
Best power cord for digital
Try a Stealth Dream V10 (digital) 
Cartridge rings at certain high frequencies
Maybe have should have your hearing checked out...no joke. 
Pure Music
I will have to go back and revisit the 2.5 update. Admittedly I was in the process of trying different configurations of Power Cables and trying my Stillpoints on different components at the time I first installed it. 
Pure Music
Very interesting as I have been an Amarra guy (since they lowered their prices) and it seems to me that their latest 2.5 software upgrade sounds a little flat compared to the older version, also losing the magic. I plan on downloading the new vers... 
What HDMI Cable ?
Audioquest Diamond. 
Oppo 105 and Cary 11 Surround Processor
Just as a side note.....it seems a lot of people are stuck on the idea that they need to get a multi channel amp for HT. I have been using 3 McCormack stereo amps and love them. I bi-amp my center channel with one of them. MUCH better sound for th... 
Oppo 105 and Cary 11 Surround Processor
I had the Cary 11a in my system and it never sounded very "alive". I was disappointed. There were issues with HDMI compatability with my Panasonic TV and if I remember correctly the Cary doesn't do any video processing. On the otherhand with the A... 
Oppo 105 and Cary 11 Surround Processor
I would pass on the Cary 11. Try to find an Anthem. Much better IMO. 
O.C.D. Speaker placement
First determine how far the speakers need to be out into the room for best tone/soundstage/bass/etc. Then make sure the speakers are the same distance from the side walls. Then tie a string to the middle of your listening chair and pull it to twee... 
Does anyone own the Bel Canto SET 40?
I owned one...actually it was the SET 40i (integrated). Ran it with Merlin speakers and Meridian CD player about 8 years ago or so. Classic 845 tube sound,sounded great but got very hot as I remember. 
Curtains to control high frequency
I would be careful not to overdamp the room. Curtains can suck the life out of your music. 
What would you do?
Thanks to all for responding and putting thought into my situation. The dealer is going to come and install the new drivers and I am pretty certain assuming things go ok that it will be fine.Thanks again. 
Jade Audio - Great customer service
+1 agree.