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I need a loudness switch
I had tried a Loki. It does what it says it does. If you can flip the bypass on/off and settle on a loudness profile, you'll be overjoyed.I kept fiddling and it drove me crazy :-)Also, in bypass mode, its pretty hard to discern its actually there.... 
Tube MC phono stage recommendation
Hey TaylorI also have a cinemag 1254 built by Ned. A great value and very well done.  
Free to Good Homes
funny, I have the same maple platform, poorly stained black, same size, in my garage waiting for adoption :-) 
VPI forum
The facebook forum is quite active and Mat will respond there. There are a couple of exceptionally skilled non employees who are often more helpful than VPI is.  
VPI Cuing arm falling too fast
FYI the oil seems to be available at hobby stores - used in RC car suspensions. 
VPI Classic quirk
VPI will send you a replacement cap. 
Anyone use auto lifters? Opinions
if you've got the cash and the desire for something pretty - google "Tru-Lift-Tonearm-Lifter"  
Ortofon Quintet Black vs 2M Black?
tried a 2M black on my prime, I was terribly underwhelmed. Not sure why my experience is so different from others. The quintet bronze works extremely well if you can handle a LOMC. I ran that for a while. Now on a Cadenza red and very happy. 
Audible Illusions M3B question
slow to respond? check.lame ass stepped attenuators? check.Unnecessary high gain? check.You all forgot about eating $200 worth of tubes a year..Still, I love the modulus 3A.  
KEF R700 Opinions please
I have the R300s and PSB subs. Love them, but love the Harbeths too 
Audible Illusions Modulus PreAmp>Best Amplifier Match Ever!
I had other tubes fail pretty quickly in the AIM3A. Even though they were supposed to be for the preamp.Used the 'real tubes' from AI now and things are good.I have it paired to a Primaluna Amp. 
VPI Scout 1.1 Cartridge Recommendation
Both are well regarded matches. I am running a denon dl-110 for now and enjoy it as well. 
What's in your CDP tonight? the minority report
Jennifer Warnes, famous blue raincoat