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Ken Fritz' Dream System documentary.
That is just AWESOME!! 
Welcome to the tweakend!
All of them!  
Tube vs. Solid State Amplifiers
@twoleftears my point is that a 20 watt Raven is not a good match to drive them. Many have attested to this here at this very forum.  
Tube vs. Solid State Amplifiers
Tubes are nothing but power bulbs. Archaic, noisy, additive in distortion artifacts. Power bulbs hold no mysterious, intangible aura for me. They are plagued by problems. Well executed solid state designs have so many advantages that are too n... 
Beginner looking for guidance into tube sound.
Quicksilver Integrated.  
Amplifier Break-in - It's Real
@millercarbon. Talking to Constantin @atelier13 in Nashville the same is true though to a lesser degree for tube amps.Iron is iron and the transformers need heat cycles through the iron as do capacitors and valves or tubes.I have a AH Qualiton X20... 
Tube vs. Solid State Amplifiers
Speaker sensitivity is key. Harbeth M40 speaker is not going to perform well with say a Raven Blackhawk.  Output: 20wpcFrequency response: 20Hz ~ 20kHzSpeaker terminals: 4 and 8 ohm5 single-ended RCA inputs and 1 single-ended RCA sub outputRecom... 
Who here has a Raven amplifier and what speakers do you have paired with it
I had a Blackhawk Paired with them Volti Audio Razz and then the Raven Audio CeLest. Sounded best the CeLest.Sensitivity is critical with that integrated. 
Best Bang for your Buck DAC ?
BorderPatrol DAC. 
Considering an integrated
Lejonklou, I have their phono pre and love it.a lot of info in this thread. Audition, audition, audition.opinions are rampant here, remember what they are like. 
Fraud and scam, how many of you are victims?
I just got burned by a seller on a popular audio platform/site.Used PayPal and hope to get it resolved through them or the CC company. $3k burn and I am looking at filing a criminal complaint in his home state. Yep good luck. Narrowed money cost n... 
New tube preamp
Be sure to listen in your home system and don’t  get sold on the hype. Or the hype here in this forum. Audition, audition, audition.  
Considering an integrated
@arafiq sure will.  
Considering an integrated
+1 @arafiq on the Quicksilver Integrated have one in my office pushing Klipsch RP600M and it sounds awesome Qualitron X200 is going in the Reference System on Thursday.  
Considering an integrated
https://www.atelier13-usa.com/audio-hungary-qualitonQualiton X200 by Audio Hungary will have mine here on Thursday.