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New Bluesound Node – First Impressions
I am using a node2i to an external Border Patrol 2ei DAC through a Quicksilver Integrated and it is fine for listening while I work. 
Tung Sol KT 170
Just ordered 4 for my Qualiton X200 that will work with out modification.  
The Hungarian lands tomorrow.
Adrian Belew is such a fine guitar player.Enjoy the show @mijostyn I am sure I spelled Adrian’s name wrong… 
Clearaudio Concept Cartridge Replacement
Nagaoka is one of those strange LOW COMPLIANCE cartridges. That sound fantastic. The MP200 is a wonderful cartridge.Use a MM Specific pre-amp as outlined Fremmer at Sterophile and you will be very very happy and you will have a serviceable cartri... 
The Hungarian lands tomorrow.
THE HUNGARIAN IS HOME!!!History of Audio Hungary. Source AH website. The history of AH is important to illustrate that they are not a newcomer to the industry. The history of our firm started in the late 1940s. Rafilm National Radio-and Film ... 
Creep Radiohead.Police and thieves The Clash.Harder They Come Jimmy CliffStepping Razor Peter ToshDreadlock Holiday 10ccThe Entire Sex Pistols Album Never mind the bollocks. Dead Kennedy’s To Drunk To F_ck. 
How to isolate turntable from footstep shake or vibration
No sound springs search them on Amazon. I have a solid slab and my listening room is on the first floor so it is a non issue. Installed them under all my gear anyway and it makes a difference isolating from all vibrations and they are inexpensive.  
Audio Hungary Qualiton X200 Integrated
@riaa_award_collectors_on_facebook You should listen to them both as I have. It was a hard decision and the Hungarian won. Also that tube sound with a silent background and expansive soundstage. 
How old are you?
54 going on 14.  
Ok, but does your audio gear have rotons (metamaterials)?
Word salad funny. 
Tube vendors.
Andy has to be a good guy, he is from Michigan lol. I was born in the Upper Peninsula, The U.P. Rocks,I'll take a decent amplifier with the finest tubes any day over the finest amplifier with mediocre tubes."- Andy Bouwman 
The Hungarian lands tomorrow.
@rixthetrick love the story. Great people and a wonderful region of the world.@arafiq you are right you will be much happier than with your current set up. The 200 is just awesome and being an analog guy this thing is built for vinyl. And is aweso... 
Tube vendors.
Giving Viva Tubes a shot and I bought 4 of the KT170 for the Qualiton X200. Should be here mid week and they had the best price by a long shot.Impressions to come. 
Tube vendors.
Appreciate all the input and I do not appreciate one who PM me, he was a bit of a dick. You know who you are. 
Tube vendors.
@mattmiller thank you for the insight.