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List your System Ingredients: Listed most to least expensive, by list price or price paid
By price paid: Speakers 38%. Used Amp 19% NewPre-amp 9% NewDAC 8% NewTT 7% Democones/rack/etc 7% NewStreamer 6% Demopower cords/interconnects/etc 5% New/DemoPower conditioner 1% New 
How come Horn + woofer designs are not more popular?
Maybe look like this:https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQqpiyaSILlE-Pn08uX5QCVqzd5e0O5a52YRr5xAxUTXZ29... 
How come Horn + woofer designs are not more popular?
BIGKIDZ "I built a few custom horn speakers and used Sony Alnico woofers (only 2 pair in the USA). I bi-amped them with custom tube mono-block amps that I built (1.5 watts) to drive the horns. They sounded amazing but they wee large so no WAF. ... 
How come Horn + woofer designs are not more popular?
I have a pair of Rethm Saadhana, a beautiful (in sound AND looks) horn speaker with built in powered bass modules, so you get great bass that is well matched to the horn output. Those interested in horns should listen before deciding as I think ma... 
Who are the Kings of Audiogon?
"You cannot handle the truth"
I have gotten much of my equipment used/demo for GREAT prices.  I recently bought a Rega Planar 6 for half price from a dealer because there is a small mar on the lid (I would think they could have replaced the lid and been far better off) and the... 
hi End
douglas_schroederWhat do you consider hi-end?  I have a very moderately priced system (Rega Planar 6, Innuos ZenMini, Chord Qutest DAC, Audio Hungary APR203 preamp, First Watt F7 and Rethm Saadhana) that sounds as good (to me) as much higher price... 
Power amps into surge protector/Conditioner or DIRECT to wall? Final verdict?
Would you plug your pre-amp into a power conditioner/protector and amp into wall (I have a ss 18 wpc First Watt)?  Thanks for any advice 
Chord Qutest - would you buy it again?
I also have a Qutest and have been pleased with it.  I think it sounds great.  I have had for > 8 months now.  I use an Innuos Zenmini running Roon and a mix of my music and Tidal.  It is fed into an Audio Hungary APR 203, First Watt F7 and the... 
Get your First Watt SIT-3 now?
One more update: Just an FYISo, I am actually getting number 251.  I spoke with Nelson Pass, however, and he noted I was getting #251, the first in an additional 100 amp production.  SO...if you are thinking of a SIT-3, there may still be some out... 
Get your First Watt SIT-3 now?
cosset_amojanI haven't heard SIT-3 myself, but here is what Nelson Pass said:True that they are quite different, but I don’t think that characterization is very accurate. The F7 has more power and more damping, as befits a two stage circuit with ... 
Get your First Watt SIT-3 now?
Nelson Pass explained the SIT 3 sounds best with 4- to 8-ohm speakers, and he suggested hooking up a 16-ohm resistor in parallel with the speakers (when using the Soul Supreme, a high-impedance 16-ohm speakers.)  
What equipment have you bought this year so far ?
In 2019 I got a pair of (almost new) Rethm Saadhana and a Rega Planar 6 that was returned to a shop because of a small mar on the cover (Great deal!) and a TimberNation Rack System that is great looking and well build with a very reasonable price 
Audio Doctor goes to Axpona observations so far
Not a new product, but I have the PS Audio Sprout 100 and it is a great product in my opinion.  I run my TV through it and power a pair of Mark Audio Sota Cesti B and it sounds great.   
Audio Doctor goes to Axpona observations so far
Did anyone hear the Rethms?