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Linear Tube Audio at Axpona
Anybody know if the MZ2 will drive Audio Note E/SPe He speakers directly?  I have ordered some, and they won't be here for a few months, so i have time to upgrade, if necessary.  Thanks,Don 
Digital Audio for Dummies
Steve, to answer your question about Chromecast, you can get an optical cable and go into a DAC that has an optical input, and use that DAC instead of the one in the Chromecast.  I use a Chord Mojo with mine, and it works well. 
Who makes the best "Coaxial" Tweeter/Midrange design?
Coherent speakers, out of Canada by Frank Fazzalari, are another coaxial.  They have received some great mentions but don't know much else about them.  The prices are attractive. 
My first visit to AXPONA
There was a mention of the Vanatoo speakers on the other AXPONA thread, and I thought I would give them a shout out here.  I've owned the Transparent One's for a couple of years, and they are the best small active speakers I've heard, actually, to... 
Who has Luv for the Lyngdorf 2170 and is thinking about the 3400.
I also have the Treo CT's, and will be anxiously awaiting your comments as to their compatibility.  Thanks,Don 
Who has Luv for the Lyngdorf 2170 and is thinking about the 3400.
Schwo6,Which Vandersteens' are you using with the 3400?  Please comment more as you break in the Lyngdorf as I'm sure, many of us are interested.  Thanks, 
Tube Preamps.....
I'm surprised no one's mentioned the Linear Tube Audio MZ2, a very fine little 6SN7 based preamp with separate linear power supply.  I got a Freya, and was quite happy with it, until I tried the LTA, and have not gone back (Freya for sale).  And t... 
Linear Tube Audio- Any feedback on their amps/ Preamp?
I'm using the mz2 with a Pass xa30.8, and the synergy is pretty special.  From what I've been reading, the XA-25 may even be better, so I'd say you can't go wrong.  I would like to know what tube rollers are using in the MZ2 to better the stock tu... 
Tube amp for Vandersteen Treo CT?
I'm quite happy with my Pass XA30.8 being driven by the LTA MZ2 pre.  I worried that 30 wpc would not be enough, but Class A watts seem a little sturdier than my 150 wpc Hegel.  The Treo CT's are really wonderful speakers.Don Ivey 
Ugly vs Gogeous speakers
Look like Goldmund.  Super expensive! 
Best budget integrated choices
I'm very happy with my Job Integrated, made by Goldmund in Switzerland.  125WPC, clean, articulate, great sound.  Includes a very good DAC, but analog input converted to digital, so there's that.  About $1700 and it took six weeks to get mine, but... 
Job Integrated Amp.
I just received my new Job Integrated, and have to say it is spectacular.  I am pairing it with Vandersteen Treo CT's, and am streaming from Tidal via Roon and have a Sonore Microrendu fronting the JobInt.  I have been using a Hegel H160 with the ... 
Looking to build a system for under $5k
Lots of good advice, and I'll just say that if I had a 5K budget, I'd at least consider the wireless KEF LS50's, with a good source, such as the Sonore Microrendu (with good linear power supply), being fronted by Roon/Tidal on the PC.  With lifeti... 
Agoners: Need Advice! Have 3K to spend on an Amp, what do I do with no way to audition?
My first post, so be gentle.  I just ordered a Job Integrated (designed and manufactured by Goldmund), and it will power Vandersteen Treo CT's.  The amp includes a very good DAC, according to the Six moons review, and for $1700, should prove to be...