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Aesthetix Atlas Compared to Pass Labs XA30.8
I would suggest putting that Calypso back in the chain.  I’ve gone directly from dac to amp (xa30.8) and heard a positive difference including the pre.  Give it a try. 
30 Watts of class A power: What Speakers are you using and suggesting?
Pass XA30.8 with Vandersteen Treo CT’s sound very good.  Sugden A21 SE Sig. with Buchardt S400’s also great. 
How many amps do you own?
I, too, have the sickness:Pass XA30.8Nuforce STA200Sugden A21 SE Sig.Dennis Had Inspire PP tubeAudio Note OTO Phono Sig.Thinking about some  mono’s. 
how hook up bluesound node 2 to external dac
Mine is not here now, but I believe you need s/pdif or toslink cables out to your dac input.  Don’t hook anything to the analog outputs of the node 2i.  Does your dac accept spdif or toslink? 
What is your best internet radio station?
JB Radio-2 is pretty good. 
So disappointed in today's Americana
Check out Eilen Jewell.  Great singer/songwriter and she has one of the best guitar players I’ve ever heard.   
To get best sound quality, roon or lumion app?
I use Roon and have tried the Lumin app on my U1Mini, and can’t tell any difference in sound quality.  This, to me, is a win for Roon because in every other way it betters the Lumin app, without question. 
Quality Internet Radio Tuner
The Radio Paradise suggestion is a good one, but don’t access it from within the Node app., or fro Tunein.  Rather, download the RP app from your playstore and then you can choose the flac option.  Start it up then you can choose the Node as your ... 
4 ohm (or 6) Bookshelf speakers. Pass Labs 30.8
I’m running the Buchardt S400’s with a Pass xa30.8 and they sound amazing!  You won’t be disappointed. 
Music Reference RM-200
Wonder how a Schiit Freya (balanced outputs) would pair with the RM-200?  It seems to work well with several power amps I’ve tried it with so far. 
Your favorite Small Apartment Speakers
I'd consider the Buchardt S400's, as they have very good base for a small speaker, and are designed by former Dynaudio engineer, so sound should be comparable to the Special 40.  About half the price, however, and I've been very happy with them. 
Is there any Streamer/DAC/Preamp good enough to replace a dedicated standalone preamp?
I also have the PS Audio Directstream (Jr.), and agree, it won’t replace a good preamp. 
Any one has experience with Sugden Integrated?
I have the A21SE Sig., and think it sounds better than my Pass xa30.8, at least to my ears.  I guess, to me, it sounds more tube like, more liquid and more three dimensional.  Of course, the Pass has more power, and speaker pairing is more flexibl... 
Best speakers for a Pass XA 30.5
No, never experienced the 30.5’s. 
Best speakers for a Pass XA 30.5
I’ve had great results driving Vandersteen Treo CT’s with a 30.8.  But it also makes my Buchardt s400’s sing.