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Best speakers for a Pass XA 30.5
No, never experienced the 30.5’s. 
Best speakers for a Pass XA 30.5
I’ve had great results driving Vandersteen Treo CT’s with a 30.8.  But it also makes my Buchardt s400’s sing. 
Radio Paradise Free
I’ve  been an RP subscriber for several years, and agree,it is very good.  There is a fairly new flac stream that is excellent sq, and I’m able to get it through Roon Internet Radio, but it has no song titles associated with the songs.  It has bee... 
3 great tube preamps. Which would you purchase?
I don’t think he was referring to the thump when turning on, but a clicking when changing volume.  The clicking ,on mine, is very low level, and can’t be heard through the speakers.   
How to Choose Speakers Appropriate for My Amp
Second the Klipsch suggestion, and I’d suggest the RP600M’s at around $500.  Efficient, and great sounding. 
Relaxed, musical DAC around 2k used?
I'll second the Border Patrol, and the Directstream (Jr. in my case) as being warm and musical DACs.  The BP is probably a little more so, and is my favorite.   
Nuforce STA200
I haven't read this whole thread, and maybe it was mentioned, but does the Sys have a remote control?  Thanks, 
PS Audio DirectStream DAC driving VAC Amps
Cannot speak to that combo, but the DS deives my Pass  xa30.8 very well.  
Advice on bookshelf speakers (Sierra 2, Buchardt, Monitor Audio, LS50)
I listen to a lot of the same music as you, and am enjoying my s400’s with all of it.  I have them about a foot from the wall, and sit about ten feet away.  I’ve only partially broken them in and they seem to be getting better every day.  I would ... 
What speakers are you running with your Pass Labs XA 30.8?
Actually, I use both, depending on how loud I’m playing music.  If playing low volume, I use low gain and get the volume control at eleven or twelve o’clock.  If playing at higher volume, I go to high gain and turn volume control to appropriate le... 
Best bookshelf speakers
From what I’ve read, and in an email from Mads, they require at least 300 hours breakin and need some power. 
Buchardt S400s
Yes, I think you can find something better suited to the Buchardts.  I’d be curious about the Nuforce STA200, but you would need a preamp, possibly tubed.  The Nuforce and a Schiit Freya would come in under a thousand dollars.  Just a thought. 
Buchardt S400s
I’ve ordered a pair and will be interested in any comments on this, but my guess is they’re too new for people to have much experience.  I’d imagine at least 150 watts per channel would suffice.   
Dennis Had Inspire amps and preamps.
I’ve enjoyed using an older Inspire with 6550’s driving my Audio Note E/Spe HE speakers.  Very impressed with dynamic range and decay at low volume.  Gets a bit shouty if volume goes too high.  I’d like to try it with some cheap horns, maybe the K... 
What speakers are you running with your Pass Labs XA 30.8?
I didn’t notice a significant difference without the pre (MZ2 from linear tube audio).  It sounds very good without, maybe a little richer, wetter, with the DSJr.  I’m looking forward to the new Snowmass update from PS Audio.