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Calling all (50 or less?) Falcon Kingswood Warren Edition LS3/5a owners...
I have Rogers LS3/5a’s and am currently running them with a ss integrated (Belles Aria) with about 70wpc.  The sound is to die for!  I’ll try some tube and class A amps when the weather cools some, but can’t imagine anything sounding better than t... 
What Integrated Amp do You use
+1 on the Sugden A21SE.  I also noticed there is a Belles Aria on A'gon for $2200 and I can vouch for both.  Excellent integrated amps! 
Recommendation for amp
My Belles Aria integrated sounds great with some Rogers LS3/5a’s so I would expect it to do the same for the Harbeths.   
What DAC upgrade made you say “DAMN, that sounds SO MUCH better than my last DAC”?
@chorus, well I'll mention Audio Note.  I was happily using a Border Patrol DAC in an otherwise AN system, and was happy with the sound.  Switched to an AN 2.1x Sig. and the difference was amazing.  It will only do CD quality sample rates, but the... 
What speaker has the best tweeter?
My Vandersteen Treo CT’s with carbon tweeters are the best I’ve heard.   
Peeking inside a Carver Crimson 275 Tube Amplifier
Was the Cary V12r a Dennis Had design? 
Recommendations for speakers that sound great at lower volume levels.
You may be right about subs, but my Rogers LS3/5a’s do not sound thin at all.  It probably matters which amp is used with them.  Also, I listen nearfield and that must make a difference.  Great speakers! 
What is it you expect to hear from hifi gear that you have not yet?
Pass Labs AMP’s- What is the best Pass Amp Sound for You from past 10 years
The only one I’ve ever owned, an XA30.8.  Love it! 
Best bang for buck integrated amp for $500
You wouldn’t be dissatisfied with the Rega I/O.  Bass is a bit much for me, but most will probably love it. 
Vandersteen Treo CT or Proac D48R
One more vote for Treo CT, though I’m sure the Proacs are comparable.  You just have to choose the one sounding best to you.   
New tube preamp
I’m currently running my xa30.8 with a Backert Rhumba 1.3 pre into Vandersteen Treo CT speakers.  Very happy with the results!  
Request for a recommendation on a small footprint floor standing speaker
Enjoying my JMR Cantabile Jubilee’s.   
Stereo Times review on Audio Note UK DAC 3.1/II just went live
Well, I’m pretty happy with my 2.1x Sig. which I consider the “sweet spot “ of Audio Note DAC’s.  To each his own, 
A decent preamp to complete my setup?
As @Georgehifi suggested, the Freya (used V1) would be an excellent choice for the Nuforce.  I’ve used this combo and have nothing negative to report.  Plus, usable remote!