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LUXMAN M-117 any good?
i forgot to add that imo, his asking price is at the very upper end of what the amp is worth. i would want to get him down to the $300 level before i got serious about buying. 
LUXMAN M-117 any good?
yes, but i've never seen an M-117 that didnt need work... not that i've seen many. i dont recall the specifics, but i recall there were some claims that the M-117 amp was a step down from the power plant in the R-117 receiver. there is a Luxman gr... 
Best Live Album Ever...
"Scream In Blue" - Midnight Oil 
Your perfectly produced/performed studio rock song
"Sinner" by Neil Finn 
Name 3 under appreciated pop/rock drummers
Rob Hirst - Midnight OilRuss Kunkel - James Taylor, Jackson Browne, Linda Ronstadt, Carol King, etc.David Robinson - The Cars 
Which speaker has the biggest sound stage?
.... i dunno, but i'm on pins and needles waiting for the final determination on whether or not there is a glue issue with those Maggies (please, enough already with the irrelevant thread-crapping!)...........in my experience i have found that typ... 
Best live album you've ever heard?
"Scream In Blue" by Midnight Oil 
Personal speaker evolution
i have thinned my herd significantly down to only 3 pairs now.ADS L710AR91AR MGC-1, "Magic Speakers" 
Anyone bi-amping with the Behringer DCX 24/96 ?
i had the same reservations about complexity, but the manual is straightforward and i had it configured to my wants within an half an hour. the problem with these units is reliability. mine lost a channel after a couple of months of use. though wh... 
Does this device exist?
the Vortexbox has a fan, but its quiet. i've used one for about a year, it does everything on your list. the one caveat for me is the backup function via usb to external hd is slow, but it is incremental. 
Help me resurrect my AR-90s
i've not done any mods to my AR9's, only replaced surrounds. i've heard of a few folks who've bypassed the level controls, but they were sure they knew what they were doing. 
Help me resurrect my AR-90s
it works for me when i just click on the link....i sent you an email with the link, hopefully one or the other will work. 
Help me resurrect my AR-90s
by your pic's it looks like a simple refoam is all you need. an earlier poster recommended vintage-ar (Larry Lagace) as a source for surrounds. i've dealt with Larry many times and can second the recommendation. make sure you get a full kit for ea... 
Help me resurrect my AR-90s
are you sure the drivers are shot and simply dont need the surrounds replaced? make sure before you pay for replacement drivers. if you want to maintain the factory sound, you'll want original drivers. using any other driver will not get you there... 
Wadia WT3200 CD transport
its a Marantz player in a Wadia enclosure. mine has the addition of the AT&T ST optical option.http://www.lampizator.eu/lampizator/REFERENCES/wadia%20WT%203200/WT3200.html