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I have heard the VTL 450s and the REF 210 driving Wilson Sasha's and I much perfer the ARC by a wide margin. IMO, the ARC had much more weight, texture and air to the sound. While the VTL's were "faster", they sounded rather lean, especially at th... 
Audio Research Corp Ref 5 SE
Thanks all for the responses to my question. I am glad to hear the upgrade includes the new look. This will no doubt be my next purchase. 
Audio Research Corp Ref 5 SE
Missioncoonery - Not sure I agree with your statement about ARC changes lines so often. After all, the REF40 was issued as a limited production model, and a game changer at that. If ARC wanted to be consumer unfriendly,they could have forgone the ... 
Revel Salon2 vs Wilson Sasha
I have heard both speakers at least 3 times and for me, I would (and will) take the Sasha. I have heard the Sasha's paired with VTL 450's, Boulder 1060,Audio Research REF 110 and REF 210, Lamm 1.2R, Dan D'Agostino's momentums and Ayre MXR's. I hav... 
Magico Q3's at Goodwin's High End
Folk- what electronics are you using? 
How's the Synergy between Lamm1.2ref and AR REF5
Thanks all for the responses. 
Levinson 436 Versus Krell FPB 350 MCX?
In my opinion, 2 totally different sounding amps.The Krell will give you bass slam like you never heard it before. Its all about Grip. Pedal to the metal and let it rip. It can be a little fatiguing on the ears with long listening sessions. The Le... 
Do people buy MAC gear for the blue meters
At one time, I think it could be argued that McIntosh catered to the Doctor and Lawyer communities, who could afford spending top money but may have been more concerned with looks then sound.Those days are over. McIntosh makes some excellent equip... 
Mark Levinson 32 or Audio Research Reference 3
The ML 32 is an excellent pre-amp and has an excellent build quality. What I beleive is that it really comes down to is do you like the Levinson sound? For me, as much as I dreamed about owning levinson gear in the past, when it came to how good d... 
Lamm 1.2 or Ayre MXR's
The Lamm's are Class A, so don't let the 110 watts fool you. I know they easily drive the Wilson Sasha, which can be a load on an amp given their impedence dip. With that said, I can't speak for the synergy between Lamm and Revel 
Sonus Faber - Stradivari - Amp and Pre
I would not consider the levinson 400 series fast amps. In fact, it is one of the reasons I did not go ahead and purchase a pair of 436s. On the other hand, the 532 (not the H series) is a much faster amp. 
MBL 9008A / 9011
Wow- you have some great equipment. I hope to own the 9008/6010 shortly. Congratualations.I have heard this set-up several times times at my dealer, and have been totally in awe and completely blown away. This is a serious set up. Given the qualit... 
Amp recommendations for Revel Salon2
AaronMadler;Hi- I am curious as to why went with a bi-amp approach using the 532H instead of a single higher quality 532? 
McIntosh MC1.2kw
If you like the Mac sound, don't hesitate to buy it. It will last you a lifetime and you always have the abiity to sell it rather easily given its high resale value and current demand. I have heard the 501's and 1.2Ks and they are very good amps. ... 
Thiel CS3.6
I have owned a pair of 3.6 since I bought them new in 1995.IMO, they need a beefy SS amp to get them going. When I originally drove them with a Hafler 550 (255wpc) amp, I could not make them sing. Don't get me wrong, the sound was nice, but if you...