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Are you bored to tears with the topics lately?
haven't been around much lately but still lurk now and then. the biggest problem i see with these fora (and the like comprised of "inmates") is that they're still peopled by idiots who think you can put together a world-class system by listening o... 
any good turntables with repeat function
no. don't even try if you have any valuable vinyl. 
Looking for IC suggestions for a Calypso Pre.
tara, the one. 
Clearaudio ceramic bearing upgrade
call john barnes @ audio unltd (303.691.3407) for advice. i don't know which clearaudio tt you have but can practically guarantee you that their upgrades work. very well. FWIW: i just aquired a one-off master solution and graham phantom arm that w... 
FIM Gold: Flexible Alternatives.
if you're gonna' start a thread, best read the responses thereto before posting a stupid "all's well that ends well" as an intended "capper."-cfb 
FIM Gold: Flexible Alternatives.
imho, tara "zero," and even "the one," are superior to the fim and a helluva lot more flexible.-cfb 
Best Live Recording on LP
the eagles"live" -japanese pressing. seven bridges road is among the ultimate show-off tracks in my 5k album collection of lp's.-cfb 
Wi Fi and Hi Fi
albert,i run a modest 2-computer airport extreme network at home ("premium dsl"- close to a ghz dwn/up) and have had no audio interference problems whatsoever. i have also used the asante' friendlynet wifi cardbus adapter in my "older" powerbook w... 
Classic rock album covers
this one's easy. roxy music: "country life" ; blind faith: "blind faith."BTW, it is indeed illegal to sell copyrighted works in whatever form subject to the common law or statutory protection absent the written consent of the holder thereof.-cfb 
Details, details.
what's a "CD or SACD palyer"? have i completely missed out on an era of the highend?-cfb 
How international is your system?
mercury, venus, earth, mars, jupiter, saturn, neptune, uranus & pluto, not counting on the minor bits from various moons.-cfb 
concerts dvds sound really bad?
albert,why must you be so equivocal? -cfb 
Is there a future for Redbook players?
concerts dvds sound really bad?
hjhjVFRSEQAESYYXresrresrtcl...>>mmlkN, or not. ultimately yur choyce.-cfb 
Red Rose Music Rosebud I VS . II
the I sounds like the music you hear while on hold played from an am source; the II sounds like the music you hear while on hold played from a fm source, out of range of your fm receiver.-cfb